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Thursday, July 5th, 2007


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Here are the fonts used in game artwork that I have needed for making my own game components. For both games below the fonts were not freely available, but in the case of Caylus a good replacement was available, and for Carcassonne I used MyFonts.com's sample text rendition to get words or pieces of words, and then I used potrace to trace a vector contour and save the words in EPS. This gives the possibility to change the size of the words without any of the aliasing problems that occur when resizing a bitmap. Assembling the words or pieces of words to make titles was annoying, but that's better than nothing.


The offcial one is Engraver's Old English.

Replacement fonts, available for free:


The font is very similar, although not identical to Lindsay, and has no known free equivalent. Lindsay is thinner, its legs are a bit longer and has no serif on e.g., the left leg of its “n”.

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