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Saturday, December 27th, 2008

Burn After Reading

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After Wikipedia:

Osbourne Cox is a CIA analyst who quits his job at the agency after being demoted, ostensibly because of a drinking problem. He then decides to write his memoirs. His wife wants to divorce him and, at the counsel of her divorce lawyer, she copies many of his personal and financial files off his computer and onto a CD. The lawyer's receptionist accidentally leaves the disc at Hardbodies, a health club. After her husband is served with divorce papers, Katie changes the locks to keep him out of their house. An employee of the gym, Chad Feldheimer, obtains the disc from the gym's custodian. Seeing the content of the memoir, he assumes that it is highly classified information. Along with his fellow employee Linda Litzke, he intends to use the disk to blackmail Osbourne; Linda wants the money to pay for cosmetic surgery. Chad meets Osbourne, who refuses; Linda decides to take the information to the Russian embassy. At the embassy, she hands the disk over to the Russians, promising that she will give more information afterwards. Because Linda and Chad don't have any more information, they decide to break into Cox's house. Osbourne's wife has been having an affair with Harry Pfarrer, a womanizing Treasury agent. By chance he has recently met Linda online and begun an affair with her as well. Chad stakes out the Coxes' house and breaks in when he sees Harry and Katie leave. Harry, however, comes back, finds Chad, and accidentally shoots him dead. Linda had told Chad to carry no ID and cut the labels out of his clothes; when Harry sees this, he thinks Chad was a spy and disposes of the body. Days later, paranoid since he killed Chad, Harry leaves the Cox residence after a fight with Katie. On his way to leave, he manages to tackle a man who has been trailing him for some time, thinking he was working for the CIA or some other government agency. Harry now finds out that the man is working for a divorce firm hired by his wife who, it is later revealed, has been cheating on him as well. Harry is devastated and goes to see an agitated Linda, who confides in Harry that her friend Chad is missing; he agrees to try to help. The next morning, Harry and Linda meet in a park and she provides him with more information about Chad's disappearance. When he realizes that Chad is the man he killed, he becomes more paranoid and flees in terror, assuming that Linda is also a spy. Linda then turns to Ted Treffon, the manager of Hardbodies, who has feelings for her. Believing that the Russians have kidnapped Chad, he agrees to look for more information in Osbourne's computer. But Osbourne, finding that Katie has emptied their bank account, decides to break into his own house with a hatchet to take her jewelry. Finding Ted at his computer, Osbourne shoots him. Ted survives and runs out of the house, but Osbourne grabs the hatchet and kills him in broad daylight. The movie ends by returning to the CIA's headquarters, where an official and his director are trying to sort out what happened: Chad is dead, Ted is dead, Osbourne is in a vegetative state after being shot by an agent while attacking Ted, and Harry and Linda have been arrested. Harry was trying to board a flight to Venezuela, and the director decides to let him go so he's out of their hair. Linda promises to remain silent if the CIA will finance her plastic surgery. The baffled CIA agents agree to her terms, but decide that they have learned their lesson: they will never repeat whatever it is that they did in this case, though they are still not clear what it is they did or what they learned, if anything.

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A Game of Thrones

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ISBN: 0553573403

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King Robert comes to the North and asks his friend Eddard (Ned) Stark to become his new Hand, since the (suspicious) death of the previous Hand. During the visit of the King, Ned's son Bran discovers that the Queen Cersei has an affair with her twin brother Jaime Lannister, who tries to kill Bran. The latter survives but is crippled. Soon after, Ned leaves his castle with his two daugters to move south with the King to his castle in King's Landing. At the same time, Jon Snow, Ned's bastard, leaves to the north to become a guardian of the Wall that protects the kingdom from the creatures living farther north, accompanied by Ned's brother Benjen and Tyrion Lannister, the Queen's other brother, a (smart) dwarf. Robb, Ned's eldest son, remains at the castle with his baby brother and Bran, and their mother, Catelyn. A murder attempt on Bran pushes Catelyn to ride south and warn her husband. In King's Landing she is told that the murder attempt on Bran has probably been ordered by Tyrion. She also manages to warn her husband, and then moves back North. On her way she meets Tyrion who was traveling back from the Wall and takes him prisoner, but he is released, having “proven” his innocence through a “judgement of the gods”. In King's Landing, Ned discovers that the previous Hand had been killed because he had discovered that the King's children were actually not his, but Jaime's. Soon after the King is killed during a hunt, and although he wants Ned to become Regent, Cersei schemes to place her son Joffrey on the throne, takes Ned's daughther Sansa (betrothed to Joffrey) hostage and gets Ned's followers all killed. Even Ned is taken prisoner and forced to claim he is a traitor before being executed. Only Arya, Ned's other daughter, manages to escape the castle and hides in the city. Lead by Robb and his mother, an army marches to the South to try and rescue Ned, but when they learn of his death and that the youngest brother of the old King has been crowned a King also, they choose to secede from the kingdom and make Robb the King of the North. During all this, the only descendant from the previous King's dynasty (the one from whom Robert took the throne) becomes the mother of 3 baby dragons, a created who had disappeared for several hundred years.

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