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Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

DICT-NetMOT Gateway Updated

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The DICT-NetMOT Gateway I wrote some time ago suffered from an annoying bug: when the list of dictionaries at the source website is updated, the gateways uses the wrong dictionary (not-so-long story short: dictionaries are identified by index, and when the indexes change, it looks up in the wrong one). This has happened one time too many it seems, because I decided to fix this and get the gateway to download the list of dictionaries instead of using a hard-coded list. Currently the list is downloaded only on startup, so if it changes, the gateway needs to be restarted. If I am motivated, I may get it to reload automatically after a given timeout. EDIT: I was motivated, I just changed it; it now reloads after 1 day. (2010-06-29).

Short names for dictionaries, used as DICT identifiers, are generated automatically, so this may not work properly for dictionary names I haven't seen yet (there is a risk of short name collision, there is not checking against it).

Dictionaries which should be looked up by default can be specified with a (hard-coded) list of regexps against which the dictionary's long name is matched.

Also, some unidentified time ago, I updated the gateway to use the new NetMOT interface. I noticed that it started to use AJAX to provide the user with a list of suggestions while typing in the query box. I then used this feature to add support for ‘prefix’ and ‘glob’ matching strategies (‘prefix’ is mandatory in the DICT protocol, so before that the implementation was incomplete, but who cares?).

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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Life Subset

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Pour filtrer le contenu «  moins intéressant  » du blog, c'est à dire les résumés de livres, de films, les bières et les chocolats, il suffit d'ajouter le paramètre subset=life à l'URL du blog. Pour les plus fainéants, voici des liens directs vers les version HTML et RSS du blog.

To filter out the “less interesting” content of the blog i.e., the book and movie summaries, the beers and chocolats, you just have to append the subset=life parameter to the blog's URL. For the laziest of you, here are direct links to the HTML and RSS versions of the blog.

Jos haluat suodattaa “vähemmän kiinnostavan” sisällön pois, eli kirjojen ja elokuvien yhteenvedot, oluet ja suklaat, sinun tarvitsee vain lisätä subset=life blogin URL:iin. Tässä vielä laiskimille suoria linkkejä HTML- ja RSS- versioihin.

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Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

I'm a Geek!

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I'm 86% geek, to be accurate:

86% Geek

Was there anyone to doubt it?

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