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Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Sherlock Holmes

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Holmes arrests Lord Blackwood, a practitioner of black magic who has killed several persons. He is sentenced to death, hanged, and Watson pronounces him dead. He has however warned Holmes on the day of his execution that something bigger than him was going on. Holmes is then asked by Irene Adler (who is working for a mysterious man) to find a midget with ginger hair. The man is found in the coffin on Lord Blackwood, who has been seen earlier that day coming out of his grave. Holmes is then asked by important members of the government to stop Blackwood. They reveal that they (and Blackwood) are members of a secret society that controls all key areas of the British Empire. Soon after, a few of them are killed in mysterious circumstances that look like sorcery. Holmes then tricks one member of the society, secretly working with Blackwood, into reavealing their plan: killing all the members of the Parliament who don't want to follow Blackwood in his conquest of the world. A wirelessly-triggered machine that will deliver poison to the Parliament's ventilation system is hiddenn in the sewers. With the help of Watson and Irene Adler, Holmes prevents the poison to be released, and eventually gets Blackwood killed. He also learns from Irene that she is working for Moriarty, and her escape with the poison part of the machine was just a diversion allowing Moriarty to steal the wireless component fo the device, which is what he was really after. Holmes finally explains that Blackwood was not a real sorcerer and that all was made with tricks.

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Touchez pas au grisbi

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Max le Menteur a réussi à voler 8 barres d'or pour une valeur de 50 millions. Son complice Riton, qui avait dit à sa fiancée qu'ils n'auraient bientôt plus de soucis d'argent, se fait enlever par Angelo, qui veut le torturer pour savoir où est caché le magot. Max se refuse d'abord d'aider Riton, qui est vraiment trop con pour son propre bien, mais décide finalement de donner l'or à son adversaire en échange de son copain. Juste après l'échange, qui s'effectue de nuit sur une route peu fréquentée, des complices d'Angelo essayent de tuer Max et Riton, et mais ce dernier est mortellement blessé lorsque lui et Max rendent la monnaie de sa pièce à Angelo. Malheureusement, dérangés par un camion qui passait par là, ils ne parviennent pas à récupérer l'or. Le lendemain, Riton meurt de ses blessures.

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Three high-school boys, Andrew, his cousin Matt, and Steve find a strange artifact in the forest, in a hole in the ground. After that, they start developing telekinetic powers (and the hole where the artifact was has of course caved in). Soon, they discover they can fly, in addition to moving things at a distance. Andrews mother is dying from cancer, and his alcoholic father accuses Andrew to cost too much money so that he cannot afford the medicine for relieving his wife's pain. From this point on, Andrew goes crazy, indirectly causing Steve's death (the latter sensed he was angry, founnd him flying in a thunderstorm and got struck by lightning). Later, Andrew decides to use his powers to steal money so that he can by medicine for his mother. But he is accidentally injured in the robbery and taken to the hospital. There, his father tells him his mother died and accuses Andrew of being the reason why he could not be with her at that time (because he was looking for Andrew). From this point on, Andrew becomes completely crazy and starts destroying the hospital and the buildings around him, while Matt tries and stop him. Matt finally kills Andrew.

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