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Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

X-Men: Apocalypse

Categories: [ TV/Cinema/X-Men ]



In ancient Egypt, the mutant En Sabah Nur, who thinks himself as a god, is burried in the middle of a body transfer process by a handful of rebels. In 1983, the tomb is dicovered in the middle of Cairo, and En Sabah Nur awakens. Discovering that people barely believe in gods (and in him) anymore, he decides to conquer the world. He gathers four disgruntled mutants (including Magneto, whose wife and daughter got accidentally killed by an angry mob) and travels to Xavier's school to abduct the professor, indirectly causing the destruction of the building. A handful of mutants are then captured by Stryker, while a small group manage to follow Stryker to his lair. There they free Wolverine who kills all the personel of the base. All the mutants are soon free and steal Stryker's prototype airplane to go to Egypt and save Xavier. The latter had been forced to broadcast a message from En Sabah Nur, stating that the apocalypse has come and tha only the strongest of the believers will survive. The mutants fight En Sabah Nur and finally vanquish him (not without causing massive amounts of destruction all over the world), thanks to Magneto, whom Xavier turned towards good once again. At the end, the X-Men are reforming, even though Xavier would have preferred not.

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Sunday, June 12th, 2016

Hiisi Nummirock

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Categories: [ Beer/Hiisi ]


“amerikkalaistyylinen steam beer”

Hyvää, mutta ei mitään erikoista. Sisältää ohramallasta.

Panimoyhtiö Hiisi, Jyväskylä, Suomi. 4.5% alkoholia.

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Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

Cooking for Geeks

Categories: [ Books ]

ISBN: 9781491928059

© Amazon.fr

A book that explores the physical and chemical phenomena behind cooking, illustrated by numerous graphs and diagrams. Also has easy recipes illustrating said phenomena.

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Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

The Angry Birds Movie

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



On the flightless birds' island, nobody likes Red very much because he's a loner and gets easily angry. When the pigs debark on the island claiming to be peaceful explorers bringing gifts, nobody listens to Red's suspicions about the pigs' intentions. Red and a couple of friends then climb the mountain at the center of the island searching for Mighty Eagle, the legendary protector of the island and the only bird who can fly. They are desappointed by the self-centered, recluse bird, and climb back to the village, unable to prevent the pigs from getting away with all the birds' eggs. The birds turn to Red for a solution; they then buils a ship and sail to the pigs' island. With a giant slingshot abandoned by the pigs, they attempt to thow themselves a the king of the pigs' castle, in the middle of their walled city. After an epic battle, Red and a few birds manage to recover the eggs, with the unexpected help of Mighty Eagle, and bring them back to the island. Red is then again accepted by the other birds.

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Monday, June 6th, 2016

And Now For Something Completely Different

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Many loosely related sketches.

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Sunday, June 5th, 2016

I, Robot

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



In a future world where humanoid robots are ubiquitous, Detective Spooner is the only man distrusting them. Spooner is requested to investigate the apparent suicide of Lanning, a roboticist, at the invitation of the deceased himself. Spooner soon discovers Sonny, a robot that does not respect the Three Laws, and is repeatedly attacked by robots; he is discredited by his superiors for insisting on this obviously impossibility. Spooner then realizes that Lanning was virtually prisoner of VIKI, his employer's central AI computer, and his suicide (assisted by Sonny) was the first clue left for Spooner to find in order to discover that VIKI had decided that to protect humanity from coming to harm, humans must be kept prisoner by robots. Sponner manages to destroy VIKI soon after it has reprogrammed all the robots to take humans prisoner, thus restoring the peace.

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Belhaven Craft Pilsner

Categories: [ Beer/Belhaven ]


“100% Scottish barley… biscuity aroma… lightly malty flavour”

Just another ale. Contains malted barley.

Belhaven Brewery Company Ltd., Dunbar, Scotland. 4.8% alcohol.

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Saturday, May 14th, 2016

Williams Pavlov's Dog

Categories: [ Beer/Williams ]


“Fruity/toffee malt… strong citrus hops”

Fruity and a bit flowery. Just another, nice ale. Contains malted barley, malted wheat and oats.

Williams Bros Brewing Co., Alloa, Scotland. 4.3% alcohol.

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Sunday, May 8th, 2016

Harviestoun 80/-

Categories: [ Beer/Harviestoun ]


“fruit-loaf flavours of treacle toffee, dates and butterscotch with a hint of spice”

Just another ale, but quite good. Contains barley, oats and wheat.

Harviestoun Brewery, Alva, Clackmannanshire, Scotland. 4.8% alcohol.

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Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Vaudeville chez les vampires

Translation: [ Google | Babelfish ]

Categories: [ Books/Comics/Aspic ]

ISBN: 9782302047495

© Amazon.fr

À la fin de l'épisode précédent, Flora est mordue par le comte von Schreck. Dupin soupçonne ce dernir d'être un meurtrier qu'il rechercre depuis 10 ans. Flora et Hugo décident de reprendre cette enquête ; Flora est enlevée à Paris et emmenée au Haut-Koenigsbourg où von Shreck la présente à sa famille et lui annonce qu'il l'épousera dans un mois, quand sa transformation sera achevée. Sa mère, jalouse de Flora, tente d'empoisonner cette dernière, mais tue son autre fils par accident. Le comte tue sa mère en apprenat le complot, et est finalement tué par Dupin, qui a retrouvé la trace de von Schreck à la suite de sa propre enquête.

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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Red 2

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Someone is trying to kill Frank Moses again after a leaked document links him and Marvin to Nightshade, an operation during the Cold War where the CIA planted a nuclear bomb in Moscow. Hunted as terrorists by intelligence agencies, they follow a lead to Paris to find The Frog, a man who sells information; from him they get a clue that leads them to a secret MI6 detention facility holding Bailey, the scientist whe created the bomb. They also team up with Russian agents who have a shared interest in locating the bomb. They extract Bailey, who guides them to Moscow and locates the bomb. There Bailey betrays them and takes the bomb (a small, undetectable red mercury device much worse than a nuclear bomb) to deliver it to the Americans; but Bailey's intention is to detonate the bomb, not sell it. When the Americans attempt to double cross Bailey, he escapes and takes refuge in the Iranian embassy in Londen. Our heroes flush him out and trick him into escaping on a plane with the dissimulated bomb, that Bailey had alrealy activated earlier. The bomb explodes over the sea, causing no harm.

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Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Scott is a bass musician in a small garage band. When he starts dating Ramona, he is repeatedly attacked by Ramona's seven evil, super-powered exes, soon realizing that to date her, he needs to defeat them all. Scott figthts the exes in video-game style scenes, until meeting the seventh ex, who organized the whole league of evil exes. Scott vanquishes him and can finally date Ramona.

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Ridgeway Imperial Russian Stout

Categories: [ Beer/Ridgeway ]


“Coffee and burnt toast notes… wine-like aromas”

Very strong and very sweet. But besides that… Contains barley.

Ridgeway Brewing, Oxfordshire, England. 10.0% alcohol.

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Wednesday, April 27th, 2016


Categories: [ IT ]

Second part of my DNS setup notes, this time about DNSSEC. The following notes assumes there is already a running instance of Bind 9 on a Debian Jessie system for an imaginary domain example.com, served by a name server named ns.example.com.

The version of Bind 9 (9.9.5) on Debian Jessie supports "inline signing" of the zones, meaning that the setup is much easier than in the tutorials mentioning dnssec-tools or opendnssec.

Again these notes are mostly based on the example from the ISC Knowledge Base.

Setting up a signed zone

If you have a delegated zone (like home.example.com from the first part), do the following for both example.com and home.example.com.

Generate the keys
On a machine with enough available entropy in /dev/random (such as a Raspberry Pi with its hardware random number generator ) run
dnssec-keygen example.com
dnssec-keygen -fk example.com

(you can add the -r /dev/urandom option to the command if you dare, if /dev/random is too slow. It can literaly take hours to generate those keys otherwise).

Transfer the keys to the server where Bind is running.

Configure Bind

Create a /etc/bind/keys directory where to put the keys. Ensure the .private files belong to root, are readable by the group bind and not by other users.

In named.conf.options add to the options block:
options {
        dnssec-enable yes;
        dnssec-validation auto;
        dnssec-lookaside auto;

Create in /var/cache/bind a symbolic link to /etc/bind/db.example.com.

In named.conf.local, in the zone "example.com" block, add
zone "example.com" {
        #file "/etc/bind/db.example.com";
        file "/var/cache/bind/db.example.com";
        key-directory "/etc/bind/keys";
        auto-dnssec maintain;
        inline-signing yes;

Note that the db file must point to a file in /var/cache/bind, not in /etc/bind. This is because bind will create a db.example.com.signed file (among other related journal files), constructed from the path of the "file" entry in the zone declaration, and it will fail doing so if the file is in /etc/bind, because Bind would attempt to create the .signed file in this read-only directory.

Then reload the configuration with
rndc reconfig
Then check that the zone is signed with
rndc signing -list example.com

Linking the zones

Your registrar should provide a tool (most probably Web based) where to put DS records for your domain.

On the DNS server, generate a DS record with
dig @localhost dnskey example.com | /usr/sbin/dnssec-dsfromkey -f - example.com
Copy and paste these lines in the registrar's tool. After a little while, you should be able to query the DS record with
dig @localhost -t ds example.org
If you have a delegated zone such as home.example.com, generate a DS record for that zone with
dig @localhost dnskey home.example.com | /usr/sbin/dnssec-dsfromkey -f - home.example.com
and place these lines in db.example.com (i.e., the db file for the parent zone). Change the serial number of the zone in the same file and run
rndc reload
You should then be able to query the DS record with
dig @localhost -t ds home.example.org

You can use Verisign's DNS debugging tool to check that the signatures are valid and DNSViz to view the chain of signatures from the TLD DNS down to your DNS. This also helped me figure out that my zone delegation was incorrect and caused discrepancies between my primary DNS server and the secondary server.

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DNS 1: Dynamic DNS

Categories: [ IT ]

Now that I have my own server, I can finally have my own DNS server and my own domain name for my home computer that has a (single) dynamic IP address.

The following notes assumes there is already a running instance of Bind 9 on a Debian Jessie system for an imaginary domain example.com, served by a name server named ns.example.com and you want to dynamically update the DNS records for home.example.com. This is largely based on the Debian tutorial on the subject, solving the problem that bind cannot modify files in /etc/bind.

On the server

Create a shared key that will allow to remotely update the dynamic zone:
dnssec-keygen -a HMAC-MD5 -b 128 -r /dev/urandom -n USER DDNS_UPDATE
This creates a pair of files (.key and .private) with names starting with Kddns_update.+157+. Look for the value of Key: entry in the .private file and put that value in a file named /etc/bind/ddns.key with the following content (surrounding it with double quotes):
        algorithm HMAC-MD5.SIG-ALG.REG.INT;
        secret "THIS IS WHERE YOU PUT THE KEY";

You can then delete the two Kddns_update.+157+ files. Ensure that /etc/bind/ddns.key belongs to "root" and to the "bind" group, and is not readable by other users.

Then in named.conf.local, include the key file and declare a new zone:

include "/etc/bind/ddns.key";

zone "home.example.com" { type master; file "/var/cache/bind/db.home.example.com"; allow-update { key DDNS_UPDATE; }; journal "/var/cache/bind/db.home.example.com.jnl"; };

In /var/cache/bind create the file db.home.example.com by copying /etc/bind/db.empty and adapting it to your needs. For convinience, create a db.home.example.com symbolic link in /etc/bind pointing to /var/cache/bind/db.home.example.com.

In db.example.com (that is, the parent zone), add a NS entry to delegate the name home.example.com to the DNS server of the parent zone:
home.example.com NS ns.example.com

You can now reload the bind service to apply the configuration changes.

I also found examples of how to test the dynamic zone with nsupdate.

On the home computer

I decided to use ddclient 3.8.3 because it supports dynamic dns updates using the nsupdate tool. I backported that version of ddclient manually from a Debian Testing package; it's written in Perl and the backporting is trivial.

Copy /etc/bind/ddns.key from the server to /etc/ddns.key on the home computer (the one running ddclient), ensuring only root can read it. Then add the following to /etc/ddclient.conf (be careful with the commas, there is no comma at the end of the second last line):
protocol=nsupdate, \
zone=home.example.com, \
ttl=600, \
password=/etc/ddns.key \

You can then try out the new setup.

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Friday, April 22nd, 2016

Brewdog Ace of Simcoe

Categories: [ Beer/Brewdog ]


“biscuity malty… resinuous pine… citrus notes… mango”

Quite fruity, quite possibly mango. The rest is lost to me. Contains barley.

BrewDog Ltd., Fraserburgh, Scotland. 4.5% alcohol.

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Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

Minimum Password Entropy

Categories: [ IT ]

What is the minimum entropy for my home computer's password?

In recent (post-2007) Debian (and probably other) Linux distributions, the passwords are stored in /etc/shadow using the sha512crypt algorithm. According to Per Thorsheim, with 2012 hardware, a single Nvidia GTX 580 could make 11,400 attempts at brute-force cracking such a password. This means that a log2 11,400 = 13.5 bit password could be cracked in 1 second.

To have a password that would resist a year to such a brute-force attack, one must multiply the password complexity by 86,400×365 (seconds per year) i.e., add 24.5 bits to the password for a total of 38 bits.

But this password is guaranteed to be cracked in a year. To make the probability of cracking such a password much lower, let's say less than 0.01, one must increase the password's complexity by a hundred times i.e., add 6.7 bits. We now have a minimum of 44.7 bits.

If one does not want to change the password for the next 10 years (because one is lazy), one must again increase the complexity tenfold (that's another 3.3 bits for a total of 48 bits) and account for the increase in processing power in the coming years. Between 2002 and 2011, CPU and GPU computing power has been multiplied by 10 and 100 respectively i.e., +0.37 and +0.74 bits/year. That means that the password's complexity must be increased by 0.74 ×10 = 7.4 bits. We have now reached 55.4 bits.

Now we need to guess who are the password crackers. How many such GPU will they put together? Titan has 18,688 GPUs (add another 14.2 bits to stay ahead of it), and the (more affordable) machine that cracked LinkedIn leaked passwords had 25 GPUs (requiring to add only extra 4.6 bits).

Assuming the crackers have a 25-GPU setup and not a gigantic cluster, 60 bits should be perfectly safe. If they are a government agency with huge resources and your data is worth spending the entirety of that cluster's energy for 10 years, 70 bits is still enough.

The same article also mentions an Intel i7, 6-core CPU would make 1,800 attempts per second i.e., 10.8 bits. For a password that must resist for 10 years, that would mean 49 bits. Titan has 300,000 CPU cores (50,000 times more than the i7), so that makes an extra 15.6 bits for a total of 64.6 bits. The Tianhe-2 has 3,120,000 cores, adding 19 bits to the original 49 bits, leading to 68 bits total.

In summary, 70 bits is enough. If you are lazy and not paranoid, 60 bits are still enough. If you think the crackers will not use more than 32 i7 CPUs for a month to try and break your password (adding 2.4 + 21.3 bits to the original 10.2 bits), 48.5 bits are still enough.

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Sunday, April 10th, 2016

The Smurfs 2

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Gargamel in now a famous stage magician in Paris. He has created two smurf-like creatures out of gray clay, Vexy and Hackus, and captured the Smurfette through a vortex, using almost all his dragon wand's power. He hopes to convince the Smurfette to revar him the secret formula Papa Smurf had used to turn her into a Smurf; his secret goal is to turn the grey creatures into Smurfs to harvest their essence. The Smurfette refuses, but finally accepts seeing her now-friend Vexy suffer when Gargamel refused to give her her daily dose of Smurf essence. Meanwhile, three Smurfs and Papa Smurf teleport to New York where they meet Patrick and his family. They all travel to Paris and eventually defeat Gargamel and save the Smurfette. Upon returning to the village, Vexy and Hackus are turned into Smurfs.

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Sunday, March 27th, 2016

Little Valley Vanilla Porter

Categories: [ Beer/Little Valley ]


“lightly roasted… hints of vanilla and liquorice… vanilla… orange peels”

Quite sweet, roasted, with a definite something of vanilla. Contains malted barley and malted wheat.

Little Valley Brewery, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England. 4.5% alcohol.

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Monday, March 14th, 2016

Green Lantern

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



The Green Lanterns are a galactic society of super heroes for whom the will is the source of their power, allowing them to create anything they can imagine as long as their will can support it. After the escape of Parallax, an ex-Green Lantern who became evil trying to tame te power of fear, Hal Jordan, a fighter pilot, is chosen as the successor of Green Lanten Abin Sur, who died on Earth escaping from Parallax. The Green Lanterns have a plan to use the power of fear to fight Parallax, at the cost of destroying Earth that it is currently approaching. Despite having said he would quit the organization because he is feeling inadequate, Jordan convinces the other Green Lanterns to let him fight Parallax whom he succesfully baits into getting too close to the Sun and getting sucked into it. Jordan thus gains confidence in himself and truly becomes a Green Lantern.

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Sunday, March 13th, 2016

Galettes de Sarrassin

Translation: [ Google | Babelfish ]

Categories: [ Cooking ]


  • 150g farine de sarrassin
  • 20g farine de froment
  • 1 pincée de sel
  • 1 oeuf
  • 250 mL lait
  • 200 mL cidre


Mélanger les farines et de sel. Y ajouter l'oeuf et mélanger pour absorber une partie de la farine et obtenir une pâte épaisse. Délayer progressivement avec le lait, puis avec le cidre. Laisser reposer 1 à 2 heures. Faire cuire chaque galette dans une poële très chaude et huilée.

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Saturday, March 12th, 2016

Nouveau serveur

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Categories: [ IT ]

Le blog (et le reste de mes pages Web) a déménagé sur un nouveau serveur (une machine virtuelle hébergée chez shellit.org. Après longue réflexion et tergiversations, et afin de continuer la série des machines dont le nom se termine en « kone », j'ai décidé de l'appeler « lentokone », koska se on kone joka on pilvissä.

J'en ai profité pour recommencer à jouer les administrateurs système et j'ai installé des serveurs DNS, SMTP, IMAP, HTTP pour gérer mon domaine moi-même.

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Monday, February 29th, 2016

Heller Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier

Translation: [ Google | Babelfish ]

Categories: [ Beer ]


Très sucrée et fumée, pas trop mon truc. Contient du malt d'orge.

Heller-Bräu Trum Gmbh, Bamberg, Bayern, Deutschlans. 6.5% alcool.

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Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Robinsons Trooper 666

Categories: [ Beer/Robinsons ]

mota-date: 20160223T202800


Supposedly bases on the same recipe as Robinsons Trooper but with a strange taste, kind of rotten?

Frederic Robinson Ltd, Stockport, Greater Manchester, England. 6.6% alcohol.

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Sunday, February 21st, 2016

Tron: Legacy

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Sam Flynn, son of Kevin Flynn who had disappeard twenty years earlier, receives a message from his father. Sam finds Kevin's laboratory and is transported into the Grid, into a computer. He is quickly arrestes and condemned to participate in the Games. There he meets Clu, a digital replica of his father, who has taken over the Grid and sent a message to Sam to attract him into the Grid, inducing him to open the portal that would allow Clu to invade the real world. Sam is rescued by Quorra who takes Sam to his father, who lives beyond the Grid. Kevin explains that he creates Clu to build a perfect world, but changed his mind when he discovers the ISOs, native algorithms that are both perfect and chaotic. They were all destroyed by Clu, except Quorra. Understanding the threat posed by Clu, Sam goes back to the Grid to find Zuse who, according to Quorra, can transport him to the portal. Sam is betrayed by Zuse, but saved in the nick of time by Kevin and Quorra. They board a freight train that should take them to the portal, but they are divirted to Clu's lair where his armies are getting ready to invade the world. Sam, Kevin and Quorra fight Clu and eventually Sam and Quorra escape while Kevin stays and destroys Clu and the whole of the grid.

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Wednesday, February 17th, 2016


Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Coraline and hes parents have just moved to a new home. Her parents having no time for her, Coraline explores the house and finds a small door in the living room, leading (at night only) to a copy of her house where everything is as is she hopes (her “other” parents have time for her, the food is good, the garden is beautiful and the neighbours are interesing instead of boring) except that they all have buttons sewn in place of their eyes. When her “other” mother explains she must have her eyes replaced with buttons if she wants to stay forever, Coraline flees back home. But her parents have disappeared, kidnapped by the witch, her “other” mother. Coraline then goes back to the other side and challenges the witch: her parents and she are free if she manages to find the eyes of the three other children who had been captured by the witch in the past. Coraline manages to do so, saving her parents; she then loses forever the key that opens the small door.

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Sunday, February 14th, 2016

Despicable Me 2

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



A sequel to Despicable Me. An unknown villain has stolen a powerful mutagen. Gru is hired by the Anti-Villain League and partners with Lucy to spy on the shops in a mall, where the villain is believed to be hiding. Gru suspects Mexican restaurant owner Eduardo, who is actually El Macho, a villain who was believed dead. When traces of the mutagen are found in another shop, Gru is discredited and Lucy (with whom he's fallen in love) is sent abroad. Gru then accepts Eduardo's invitation to celebrate the Cinco de Mayo at his house, and discovers his lair, where most of Gru's minions, who have been abducted, are mutated. Gru refuses El Macho's invitation to join him in his plan of world domination and goes home. He then discovers that Lucy is prisoner of El Macho and goes to her rescue. Lucy and Gru get eventually married.

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Sunday, February 7th, 2016

Hiisi Raivoava Rakki

Translation: [ Google ]

Categories: [ Beer/Hiisi ]


Aika kukkanen. Sisältää ohraa.

Panimoyhtiö Hiisi, Jyväskylä, Suomi. 6.2% alkoholia.

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Sunday, January 31st, 2016

Les micro-humains

Translation: [ Google | Babelfish ]

Categories: [ Books ]

ISBN: 9782253017349

© Amazon.fr

Deuxième tome de la trilogie Troisième humanité par Bernard Werber.

Un groupe de scientifiques a créé une espèce d'humains ovipares de 17cm de haut, modelée sur les fourmis ; la plupart sont femelles. Ces créatures sont louées pour des tâches difficiles ou dangereuses, mais ne sont pas condidérées comme humaines par la plupart des gens. Lorsqu'une partie d'entre elles décide de s'échapper par la violence et de vivre indépendamment, elles sont pourchassées et recapturées. Les scientifiques forcent alors l'ONU à reconnaître leur humanité et à leur donner une île quasi-inhabitée de l'océan Atlantique pour pays. Avec l'aide de certaines micro-humaines, les scientifiques partent alors explorer une fosse sous-marine où ils trouvent les traces de l'Atlantide, qui était peuplée d'humains de 17m de haut, les créateurs des humains actuels.

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Wychwood Hobgoblin (Cask Strength)

Categories: [ Beer/Wychwood ]


“roasted malts”

Quite sweet and fruity, maybe with a hint of raspberry. Contains barley malt.

This is the cask strength version of Hobgoblin.

Wychwood Brewery Co. Witney, Oxfordshire, England. 4.5% alcohol.

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Sunday, January 24th, 2016

Fourpure Session IPA

Categories: [ Beer/Fourpure ]


Very fruity and flowery, quite bitter but surprisingly good. Contains barley and wheat.

Fourpure Limited, London, England. 4.2% alcohol.

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Sunday, January 17th, 2016

Vue du bureau

Translation: [ Google | Babelfish ]

Categories: [ Grumbling ]

Il faisait beau vendredi, alors j'ai pris des photos depuis les fenêtres du bureau.

Vue_du_bureau_201601_1 Coté lac.

Vue_du_bureau_201601_2 Coté lac aussi. On peut voir la piste de patin à glace sur le lac.

Vue_du_bureau_201601_3 Coté gare.

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Ils savent tout de vous

Translation: [ Google | Babelfish ]

Categories: [ Books ]

ISBN: 9782867467929

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Denny est un condamné à mort. Terry, membre d'une agence mystérieuse du gouvernement américain, le fait sortir de prison pour utiliser son don secret de télépathie dans une affaire diplomatique aux Nations Unies. Lisant dans l'esprit de son gardien que Terry compte l'éliminer une fois sa tâche accomplie, Denny s'échappe. Terry envoie à ses trousses Snowe, un flic qui s'est récemment découvert un don de télépathie et qui a immédiatement été repéré par les énormes moyens de surveillance de l'agence. Snowe retrouve Denny plus rapidement qu'escompté par Terry et les deux hommes s'enfuient ensemble. Lisant dans les pensées l'un de l'autre, ils ne peuvent rien se cacher; ils se découvrent une expérience passée commune (entraînés à se saoûler sur une base militaire en Alaska et se réveillant sans se souvenir de ce qui s'est passé), et en déduisent qu'elle a à voir avec leur don de télépathie. Partant du seul indice qu'ils ont de cette expérience, ils retrouvent le frère de celui qui les a saoûlés qui leur révèle que son frère est mort et qu'à sa connaissance une centaine de personnes ont été transformées en télépathes. Peu après, ils sont retrouvés par Terry; Denny est tué mais Snowe tue Terry avant de disparaître en s'engageant sur un cargo.

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Ridgeway Insanely Bad Elf

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“2015 Vintage ale”

Very sweet, very strong, and not that interesting. Contains barley.

Ridgeway Brewing, South Stoke, Oxfordshire, England. 11.2% alcohol.

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Sunday, January 10th, 2016

Brewdog Hello My Name Is Holy Moose

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“cloudberries, lingonberries, blueberries, sea buckthorn”

Very fruity smell, maybe a bit of litchi. Quite sour taste, uncommon in a beer. Contains barley.

BrewDog plc, Ellon, Scotland. 5.5% alcohol

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Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Ridgeway Black Elf

Categories: [ Beer/Ridgeway ]


“Black pale ale”

Just another ale.

Ridgeway Brewing, Oxfordshire, England. 4.5% alcohol.

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Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

Ethan of Athos

Categories: [ Books/Barrayar ]

Ethan of Athos has been published in 1986 by Lois McMaster Bujold.

Athos is a planet inhabited exclusively by human males, where children are bred in uterine replicators from ovarian cultures brought by the founders of the society. Since the ovarian cultures are reaching the end of their life, new cultures have been bought from Jackson's Whole. But when the shipment arrives full of dead meat, Ethan is sent to Kline Station to buy new cultures from more reliable sources. He meets Elli Quinn, and is soon after kidnapped and interrogated by a Cetagandan spy who assumes he knows where the cultures are and that he's in league with some Terrence Cee. Elli saves Ethan from the Cetagandan, because she's also somehow involed. Ethan is eventually contacted by Terrence, who explains that he is the result of a genetic experiment conducted by the Cetagandans on telepathy. After his telepath girlfriend (and the only other individual of their species) was killed, he went to Jackson's Whole with all the lab's ovarian culture to get her reconstructed from a cellular sample. Since this was not possible, Terrence got the cultures sent to Athos, where his species would be able to live quietly; the laboratory was soon after destroyed by Cetagandan agents. Elli and Ethan don't understand who replace he shipment with worhthless material. On Kline Station, Elli, Ethan and Terrence are trying to debunk the Cetagandans; they eventually succeed by accusing them to carry a deadly virus and get them caught by the Biocontrol services. Mentioning Athos during the arrest, they understand that one of the Biocontrol agents who hates Athos replaced the shipment during its transit on Kline staion. The Cetagandans are eventually killed by agents from Jackson's Whole. The original ovarian cultures are found again and taken to Athos along with newly purchased ones. Terrence emigrates to Athos as well.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Finn has deserted the Stormtroopers and arrives on Jakku, where he meets Rey, a scavenger waiting for her parents to return, and the droid BB-8, both chased by the First Order who wants to recovert the map, hidden in BB-8, indicatig the location of Skywalker. They escape the planet aboard the now abandonned Millenium Falcon and are caught by Han Solo, who barely escapes his creditors aboard the Falcon. Attempting to join the Resistance, they seek Maz Kanata's help. There, Rey finds in a basement Skywalker's lightsaber and discovers the Force is in her. At the same time, the First Order use their new weapon to destroy the Republic's capital. Han, Rey and Finn are attacked by the First Order and saved by the Resistance, but Rey is taken by Kylo Ren to the Order's base. Solo and Finn go to her rescue, and Solo is killed by Kylo Ren (his and Leia's son, turned to the dark side). Finn and Rey manage to sabotage the weapon; Rey then fights Kylo Ren on the surface of the planet, but are eventually separated. In the end, Rey finds Skywalker thanks to the map and returns his lightsaber.

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Le papyrus de César

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ISBN: 9782864972716

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César publie sa Guerre des Gaules. Promoplus lui conseille de supprimer le chapitre concernant sa défaite face au village des irréductibles Gaulois. Le chapitre est cependant volé et se retrouve entre les mains des Gaulois. Poursuivis par Promoplus et les romains, Astérix, Obélix et Panoramix se rendent dans la forêt des Carnutes pour faire mémoriser ledit chapitre par le druide qui sert de mémoire à la tradition orale des Gaulois. Le papyrus est finalement rendu à César qui vient arrêter Promoplus.

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