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Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Card Sleeve Hacking

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Earlier today I managed to reduce the width of a card sleeve using a soldering iron.

I just finished to make sleeves for the 20 Citadels cards. I worked on a piece of mirror and used an aluminium ruler to guide the tip of the soldering iron (it didn't become hot, the contact time was too short compared to the size of the ruler).

I botched every second sleeve at the beginning, because I put the card into the sleeve before welding it: the thickness of the card was enough to prevent the two layers of plastic to fuse properly, and the top layer was tearing along the weld. The solution is to weld it without the card, leaving enough space inside the sleeve for the card width plus 2 mm, cut along the seal with a hobby knife (leaving about 1 – 2 mm of seal), and then insert the card. The top of the sleeve can also be cut with the hobby knife (welding it with the card inside won't probably work well, for the same reason as above).

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