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Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Elf Quest

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Fire & Flight

ISBN: 9780936861555

© Amazon.fr

Long time ago, elves arrived on this planet in a shiny flying palace. Humans attacked them and forced them to flee at random. Few elves survived. Nowadays, a small group of elves lives in the forest, surviving despite the neighbouring human tribe who considers them as demons. When the humans burn the forest, the elves first flee to the caves of the trolls, who don't like them either and lead them to a wasteland with no possibility to come back. They cross the desert and finally meet another group of elves living in an oasis at the bottom of a mountain. Their ways are not the same as the forest elves, but they finally manage to integrate. Cutter, the chief of the forest elves falls in love with Leetah, a mountain elf girl. But Leetah doesn't want to “recognize” him, since she has been courted for a long time by Rayek. Rayek defies Cutter to a trial of strength, wisdom and courage. Cutter wins, Rayek leaves the village, and after some time Leetah finally recognizes Cutter as her soulmate.

Hidden Years

ISBN: 9780936861302

© Amazon.fr

Five independant stories, sometimes hard to follow because they refer to some past stories I haven't read.

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