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Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Much Obliged, Jeeves

Categories: [ Books/Wodehouse ]

ISBN: 9780091773540

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Published in 1971.

Bertie's friend Harold ‘Ginger’ Winship is, under the pressure of his fiancee Florence Cray, running for Parliament in Market Snodsbury. Aunt Dahlia asks Bertie to come to Brinkley Court and canvass for him. The first person Bertie meets is Mrs. McCorkadale, Ginger's opponent; the meeting is disastrous, which convinces Bertie to give up. Mrs. McCorkadale is however fair-play enough to go and see Aunt Dahlia to warn her that a man called Bingley (a former valet, who had been at Bertie's service in a previous episode) wanted to sell her dirty information about Ginger which Bingley got from the book of the Junior Ganymede Club a club of valets and butlers who keep records of juicy information about their employers. Bingley had stolen the book and while Bertie's attempt at recovering failed, Jeeves' succeeded. Moreover, Dahlia had invited Roderick Spode, Lord Sidcup to keep speeches in favour of Ginger. Finally, Dahlia had also invited a businessman called Runkle from whom she hopes to extract money; the man was Tuppy Glossop's father's employer and made a fortune from an invention by Tuppy's father, but never paid him back anything. Since Tuppy and Dahlia's daughter Angela are engaged, Tuppy needs money to get married, and Dahlia wants to get the money for him. Ginger's problem is mainly that he had fallen in love with the secretary he had engaged to help him in his campain, and needs Florence to break the engagement. Meanwhile, Spode taking a liking on running for parliament, he decides to give up his title to be allowed to run for it. Madeline, his fiancee who dreamt of becoming Lady Sidcup then breaks the engagement and turned once again to Bertie. Finally, Dahlia being unsuccessful at softening Runkle up wants to blackmail him by stealing a piece of silver he wanted to sell to Dahlia's husband Tom (who had fled the house since he hates guests). When Bertie is trying to put the silver back in Runkle's room, he is caught and accused of theft. Eventually, advises by Jeeves, Ginger decides to make a speech where he encourages his supporters to vote for Mrs. McCorkadale. This prompts Florence to break her engagement to him. Since Spode got a black eye from a thrown potato during Ginger's speech, he decided to give up becoming a member of the Parliament, which makes Madelin restore their engagement. Florence then proposes to Bertie, but Runkle tells her that Bertie is a thief, and she takes her proposal back. Finally, thanks to the information found in the Junior Ganymede Club's book (Bingley having been in Runkle's service), Dahlia manages to blackmail Runkle and extort him to money she wanted.

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