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Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Sabotage (The Woman Alone)

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After Sabotage_(film) on Wikipedia:

Karl Verloc, the owner of a cinema, is part of a gang of saboteurs from an unnamed European country who are planning a series of attacks in London. Scotland Yard suspects Verloc's involvement in the plot and assigns Detective Sergeant Ted Spencer to investigate Verloc, initially under cover. Spencer conducts the investigation posing as a greengrocer's helper, selling fruit and vegetables in a shop right next to the cinema.

Verloc's young and beautiful wife believes that her husband is a good man because he has been kind to her and her little brother, Stevie, who lives with them. However, gradually she comes to suspect that her husband may be one of the people behind the terrorist attacks. The final straw comes when her little brother is killed, along with many other people, when a bus explodes. The boy had thought that he was simply delivering a film canister, but he was unknowingly carrying a time bomb for Verloc, to be detonated in the London Underground station under Piccadilly Circus. The boy had become distracted along the way, which had delayed his delivery, and thus the bomb exploded en route to its final target.

Verloc confesses to his wife, but then blames Scotland Yard and Spencer for Stevie's death, saying that they were the ones who prevented Verloc from successfully carrying out the bomb delivery himself. Soon afterwards, as Verloc and his wife are preparing to eat dinner, she stabs him to death with a knife. When Spencer arrives to arrest Verloc he realizes what has happened, but insists that she shouldn't admit that she killed her husband. Nevertheless, she starts to confess her crime to a policeman. Then an explosion and fire at the cinema intervene, destroying all the evidence of her crime and effectively preventing the policeman from remembering whether it was before or after the explosion that she told him, “My husband is dead!”

At the end we see Mrs Verloc and Ted Spencer walk away together.

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Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

De vrais mensonges

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Émilie, co-propriétaire d'un salon de coiffure, reçoit un jour une lettre d'amour anonyme (écrite par Jean, son employé chargé de la maintenance). Elle jette la lettre à la poubelle, mais comme sa mère, Maddy, ne se remet toujours pas du départ de son sculpteur de mari quatre ans plus tôt, elle retape la lettre et l'envoie à sa mère. Cette dernière est de bien meilleure humeur, mais désespère de recevoir une nouvelle lettre. Émilie s'exécute donc et elle charge Jean de poster la lettre. Ce dernier, à cours de timbres, décide le la mettre lui-même dans la boite aux lettres de Maddy. Cette dernière le voit et le suit jusqu'au salon de coiffure. Émilie a toutes les peines du monde à empêcher sa mère de sauter au cou de Jean qui ne comprend pas le comportement de Maddy. Émilie explique plus tard à Jean ce qu'elle a fait et lui demande de sortir avec Maddy pour ne pas lui briser le c½ur à nouveau. Jean refuse d'abord, mais Émilie envoie une lettre de rupture à sa mère, ce qui la met en colère contre Jean. Ce dernier veut tout lui expliquer et assiste au coup de téléphone du mari de Maddy lui annonçant son intention de divorcer et de se remarier avec sa compagne qui est enceinte. Jean console alors Maddy et accepte de dîner avec elle au restaurant. Maddy raconte à sa fille commen s'est déroulée la soirée et que Jean a su réciter par c½ur la fin de la première lettre. Émilie comprend alors que Jean en est l'auteur. Ce dernier fait du chantage à Émilie et cette dernière finit par avouer ss machinations à sa mère. Maddy, qui avait invité Jean à dîner chez elle, décide de lui faire croire qu'Émilie ne lui a rien expliqué. Jean quitte finalement la ville. Plusieurs semaines plus tard, Maddy reçoit une invitation au vernissage de l'exposition de son futur ex-mari disant qu'Émilie y serait aussi. Elle envoie l'invitation à Jean en lui faisant croire qu'elle vient d'Émilie. Elle et Jean finissent par s'embrasser, après qu'Émilie lui a assuré que la lettre venait bien d'elle.

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Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1

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Voldemort is back and threatens Great Britain. Harry is taken out of his uncle's home by his wizard friends and to safety at the Burrow. During the wedding of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour the Death Eaters attack and Harry, Hermione and Ron flee. Harry follows the orders of the late Dumbledore i.e., to seek and destroy the horcruxes containing bits of Voldemort's soul. One of those, a locket, had been stolen from the house at Grimmauld's Place by Mundungus Fletcher and forcibly sold to Dolores Umbridge, now collaborating with the Death Eaters who have taken over the Ministry of Magic. In disguise, they infiltrate the Ministry and steal the locket from around Umbridge's neck. They then flee to the countryside. Ron is hurt and needs to rest a lot. Harry and Hermione try to find a way to destroy the locket: the sword of Griffindor would do the job, but it is nowhere to be found. Harry also has visions of Voldemort looking for the Elder Wand, one of the three Deathly Hallows. Because of the evil effect of the locket, Ron becomes jealous of Harry and Hermione and leaves. The other two then go to Godric's Hollow in the hope to meet Bathilda Bagshot who knew the Dumbledore family well, in the hope she can tell them something about the other horecuxes. But Bathilda has already been killed and they barely escape an attack by Voldemort's snake, Nagini. After that, Harry sees a Patronus that leads him to the sword, at the bottom of a frozen pond. Ron reappears at that moment and helps him destroy the locket. They then visit Xenophilius Lovegood, who could tell them about the Deathly Hallows, but since his daughter Luna has been kidnapped by the Death Eaters, he warns them of our three heroes' presence in the hope that Luna will be returned to him in exchange. Harry also has a vision that the Elder Wand is in Dumbledore's grave. They manage to escape but are eventually caught by Snatchers and led to Malfoy's manor. There (and other prisoners: Luna, Ollivander and Griphook) are saved by Dobby, who gets killed in the escape. In the end, Voldemort opens Dumbledore's tomb and takes the Wand.

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Monday, December 6th, 2010


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See the Watchmen_(film) Wikipedia entry.

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Sunday, November 7th, 2010


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Voir Ratatouille_(film) sur Wikipedia.

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Sunday, October 17th, 2010


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In the desert in Qatar, US troops are attacked by a helicopter that transformed into a robot. Later, they are attacked again by a scorpion-shaped robot. Meanwhile Sam, a teenager, gets a used car from his father. But the car is stolen one night and he follows it on a bicycle. He sees the car transform into a robot. The police of course doesn't believe him. Later, he is chased by a police car that transforms as well, and he is saved by his car. He soon meets the five Autobots who explain they are looking for glasses that had belonged to his great-grandfather and that he was trying to sell on EBay. The man had discovered a frozen robot in the arctic (Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons) and information about the location of the Spark, an energy cube, got engraved in the lenses of the glasses. If the Decepticons manage to find the cube first, they will use it to turn the machines to robots (that's the power of the cube) and wipe out life from Earth. The Autobots are here to prevent that from happening. Sam later gets arrested by a secret government organization and taken to a facility where Megatron has been kept frozen for the past eighty years; the cube had been discovered as well, and the facility built around it. But the other Decepticons cut the power to let their leader thaw, and the people have to flee. They hope to hide the cube (which has been conveniently reduced in size and mass by Sam's Autobot) in the nearest city. A large battle takes place. The cube is eventually destroyed, provoking the death of Megatron. The Autobots have no hope of using it to revive their planet, and decide to stay on Earth, hiding.

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The Transporter

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Frank transports things and people in his car, no questions asked. One day, he discovers that the bag he is transporting contains a bound and gagged woman. He delivers her, but his client tries to kill him. He returns to the house of his client to take his revenge but the main villain is absent from the house. Frank then escapes with the the woman and takes her to his place. She manipulates him into helping her save asiatic people soon to arrive in a container in Marseille, to be sold as slaves. After the client tried to kill them again, Frank decides to help the woman and they go the client's office, but Frank eventually gets arrested. But the policeman is quite friendly and recognizes the fact that Frank could save those people much faster than the police could. After a long car chase, he eventually saves the prisoners.

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Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

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After the death of their parents in the fire of their mansion, Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire are given to the care of their remote cousin Count Olaf. The latter is an actor who only hopes to get his hands on their money as soon as he is declared their legal guardian. When Olaf tries to kill them (by being run over by a train), they are given to the care of their uncle Montgomery Montgomery, a very nice herpetologist. But Olaf appears as a replacement for Montgomery's assistant, and the scientist refuses to belive the children's experience about Olaf. The next morning, he is found dead, and Olaf's plot is eventually exposed. The children are then given to the care of their aunt Josephine, who is afraid of very many things. They meet Olaf, disguised as an old sailor, and again she refuses to listen to the children. She is forced to write a suicide note, but manages to hide a secret message in it, telling she is hiding in a cave on the shore of the lake. The children meet her there, but they meet again Olaf on the lake, and he kills aunt Josephine while pretending to save Klause from drowning. He is then given again the custody of the three children. Olaf then organizes a theatre play where he is marrying Violet in order to legally access her inheritance, threatening to kill Sunny if she refuses to play along. Since he cast a real Justice of the Peace as the one presiding over the ceremony, Violet and him are legally married. But Klaus, while rescuing Sunny, discovers the apparatus, made of lenses, that Olaf had used to set fire to the Baudelaire mansion, and uses it to burn the wedding contract. Olaf is tried, but freed on appeal and disappears. The children are sent to new guardians.

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Without a Clue

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Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character created by Dr. John Watson to allow him to solve crimes incognito. Holmes, actually actor Reginald Kincaid, is fired by Watson who is jealous by the character's success with the public. But when printing plates for 5 £ notes are stolen, Watson recalls Holmes and starts investigating. A printing engineer, Peter Giles, disappeared at the same time as the plates. A series of planted clues leads the police to believe that he drowned in a lake while presumably fleeing from the police, but Watson notices traces of a kidnapping and soon follows the trail of Moriarty, accompanied by Giles' daughter Leslie. Watson however drowns in the river Thames while trying to board Moriary's boat. Holmes tries to solve the puzzle himself, since he promised to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, but fails. Then, a banknote printed only on one side is found by one of the Baker Streets Irregulars. The note's serial number is 234 (instead of the usual six digits), which Holmes, knowing Giles' favourite book is the Book of Psalms, deduces the printer is hold prisoner in the Orpheus theater, where “The Valley of the Shadow” was last played before it closed. They find the lair, and also Watson who had actually faked his death. They also discover that Leslie Giles is an accomplice of Moriarty, and not actually Giles' daughter (whose child, Leslie, is a transvestite boy). The old theatre eventually explodes, destroying the fake banknotes and presumably Moriarty as well. Watson is eventulally reconciled with Holmes.

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Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Hot Fuzz

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Nicholas Angel is a very efficient police officer in London. So efficient that he makes his colleagues look bad. He's then promoted sergeant in Sandford, a peaceful village in Gloucestershire. However, a series of “accidents” happen soon after he arrives: two amateur actors are killed in a car accident, a man dies in the gas explosion of his kitchen, the local journalist is killed just before he can make revelations to Angel. But nobody wants to believe they are murders. When the florist is murdered almost in front of him, Angel chases the robed and hooded person who killed her, but doesn't catch him. Angel then starts to investigate, and finds the connection between all the victims: a complex scheme involving the florist's land which would become very valuable when the main road will be reaching it, which would allow the manager of the local supermarket to expand profitably his business. Angel confronts him, but he has a strong alibi. Angel is later attacked in his hotel room by another hooded figure, who happens to be and employee at the supermarket and he then understands that all the members of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance are involved. The chief of the police, also part of the conspiracy, explains that his wife committed suicide twenty years ago when, after working very hard to earn Sandford the title of “Village of the Year”, a group of travellers came and destroyed her work. Since then, the Alliance has murdered anyone who would tarnish the image of the village. Angel's colleague and friend Danny fakes his death to help him escape. Angel then comes back and with Danny quickly clean the town of the members of the Alliance in a long gunfight. Danny is eventually promoted to sergeant and Angel becomes the new chief of the police.

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Sunday, September 26th, 2010

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

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After the bombing of their town during World War II, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are sent by their mother to a safer place in the country side, at a professor's manor. While playing hide-and-seek, Lucy discovers a wardrobe in an empty room. The back of the wardrobe opens to Narnia, a parallel world. She meets a faun who at first tries to kidnap her and deliver her to the White Witch, who had taken over Narnia a hundred years ago. But the faun decides to let her go after all. Back into the real world, she notices that no time has passed there. Her brothers and sister at first don't believe her, but one night Edmund follows Lucy as she goes back to Narnia. Edmund meets the White Witch by accident, and she convinces him to bring his brother and sisters to her. The four children return to Narnia together, and find that the faun has been arrested. They then meet a couple of talking beavers who tell them that the White Witch is evil, and that according to the prophecy, they are to become the kings and queens of the four kingdoms and end the Witch's reign. Edmund doesn't want to believe that the Witch is evil and leaves on his own to meet her. He soon realizes that she actually is evil, but it's too late. Meanwhile, the other three children, led by the beavers, are trying to rejoin Aslan's army, who is about the fight the Witch. They eventually reach their goal and discover that Aslan is a large talking lion. Soon after the Witch arrives to parley with Aslan and announce that Edmund being a traitor, he must die on the Stone Table. Aslan manages to exchange his life against Edmund's, and he dies on the Stone Table. But on the next morning he resurrects because the Table wouldn't let anyone die who hasn't committed a fault. The armies of the Witch and the one of Aslan, led by Peter since Aslan is believed to be dead, fight each other, and eventually Aslan's army wins. The four children are crowned kings and queens, and stay in Narnia for fifteen years. One day, they find the way back to the wardrobe by accident and decide to go home. Later, Lucy enters the wardrobe again, but the passage to Narnia is closed. The professor tells her that he had been trying for years to go back, but that they will go back when they least expect to.

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Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Secret Agent

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1916. The death of a British officer is faked. The man is then sent to Switzerland, as Richard Ashenden, along with “the General”, a professional assasssin, to kill a German spy. Elsa Carrington, also a British agent, poses as Ashenden's wife. Before Ashenden's arrival, Elsa is already being seduced by Robert Marvin, but nothing happens. Ashenden's first contact is found strangled, and a clue leads to a man named Caypor, whom the General murders during a hike in the mountains. When they learned from their superior that he's the wrong man, Ashenden and Elsa want to resign. But the General accidentally discovers that a chocolate factory is used as a secret post office for German spies. During their visit of the factory, they barely escape the Swiss police, but learn that the spy is actually Marvin. Elsa however, is disappointed by Ashenden's sudden renewed interest in the mission. She decides to leave Marvin to Greece. Ashenden and the General rejoin Elsa at the train station and find out that Marvin is actually leaving to Constantinople. They board the same train, which soon enters Germany. A confrontation takes place in Marvin's compartment while British airplanes attack the train. Elsa doesn't want the General to kill Marvin and interposes hersel just as a bomb derails the train. Marvin and the General get killed, but Ashden and Elsa survive and finally quit the Intelligence Service.

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Wednesday, September 1st, 2010


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Isabel is a witch who wants to live like a normal human. At the same time, Jack, an actor, is hired to play Darrin in a remake of the 1960's sitcom «  Bewitched  ». He meets Isabel by accident and hires her to play the part of Samantha. Jack however wants to be the only star in the show so Isabel's role is reduced to near nothing, which makes Isabel very angry when she finally understands it. Isabel's aunt Clara (very similar to Samantha's aunt Clara) arrives and hexes Jack so that he agrees to everything Isabel says and gives her a more important role. But Isabel feels bad about not telling Jack she's are real witch. When she tells him, he doesn't really understand because of the hex. Isabel then rewinds history until the time she had understood Jack's intentions about her role. She then simply quits. But the producers can't find a replacement for Samantha's role. Jack understands how much a jerk he had been, begs her to take the role again. They fall in love and live happily ever after.

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Sunday, August 22nd, 2010


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During Fashion Week in Paris, many characters related to the world of fashion cross paths:

  • Olivier de la Fontaine is found dead in his car. Sergio, who secretely contacted him and swho was with him in the car is suspected of murder. Sergio is a former lover of de la Fontaine's wife, whom he had not seen in a long time. They eventually meet.
  • Simone Lowenthal is de la Fontaine's lover, and head of an atelier of haute couture. When her son sells the atelier (which is bankrupt) to a texan bootmaker, she gets her models to walk naked, as a symbol of her retirement from the world of fashion.
  • Anne Eisenhower and Joe Flynn both lost their luggage, and since the former reserved the hotel room the latter was supposed to leave but eventually didn't since he was asked to stay and cover the newsstory of the murder of de la Fontaine, they share the room and stay there.
  • Milo O'Brannigan a photograph is hunted by the editors of three fashion magazines. But when the three women try to beg/seduce him into signing for their paper, he takes pictures of them. As a revenge, they steal his fashion negatives and he then must negotiate.

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Friday, August 20th, 2010


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See Crank_(film) on Wikipedia.

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Monday, August 16th, 2010

Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach

Categories: [ TV/Cinema/Police Academy ]



Because of the scheming of Captain Harris, Commandant Lassare is asked to retire, since he has reached the legal age. He is however also going to be honored as the Police Officer of the Decade during a convention in Miami Beach. He is accompanied there by the usual heroes of the Police Academy series. At the airport, Lassare's bag is accidentally switched with the one, of a criminal which contains stolen diamonds. The clumsy robbers try many times to recover their loot (which is hiddent in a video camera), until they eventually take Lassare hostage during the convention. Lassare is convinced that this is a demonstration of the Miami police force (this was planned as a part of the convention), and he even helps the criminals planning their escape. Because of a plot by Harris (who wants to arrest them himself), the Police Academy heroes fail to recover Lassare and the main criminal, who escapes on a helicopter and then a boat in the Everglades. They are chased by the usual heroes and eventuallly arrested. In a medal-awarding ceremony in the end, an announcement is made that Lassare will continue to be the head of the Police Academy until he himself decides to retire.

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Friday, July 9th, 2010

The A-Team

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]


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A team of Special Forces soldiers in Iraq manages to recover counterfeit dollars made by rogue Iraqui. The operation is unofficial, and the general Morisson, who officially did not order it got murdered just after the team delivered the money and the plates used for printing it. The team is thus accused of attempting to steal the money in collaboration with Pike, the leader of a team of mercenaries who then disappeared. They are convicted of murder and sentenced to ten years in prison. Lynch, a CIA agent, however helps them to escape and asks them to recover the plates once again. Pike has been spotted at a bank in Stuttgart accompanied with an undidentified Arab. The team successfuly recovers the plates and kidnap the Arab, who happens to actually be Morisson, who had teamed with Pike to double-cross Lynch. Lynch then tries to kill them all and quietly recover the plates. Morisson is killed but the team escapes and lets Lynch believe that the general is still alive. The team then lures Pike and Lynch into a trap. Pike is killed and Lynch is arrested, but soon recovered by the CIA. The team is again arrested but manages to escape and they become soldiers of fortune.

See the Wikipedia article on The A-Team (film).

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Monday, July 5th, 2010

The Man who Knew too Much (1956 remake)

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]


Ben McKennan, his wife Jo and their son Hank are visiting Marakech where they meet a strange Frenchman named Louis Bernard. They also befriend a British couple, the Draytons. During a visit of the souk, Bernard, victim of a murder, manages to whisper a few words to Ben before dying. Soon after, Hank is kidnapped by the Draytons and the McKennas are told to remain silent if they want to see their son aganin. Bernard's message was referring to an assassination in London and a name, Ambrose Chapel. Ben and Jo fly to London, where Scotland Yard tries to get them to tell Bernard's last words. They refuse, and then find a man named Ambrose Chapel, but it is a false lead. Jo then understands that it was about a chapel on Ambrose street. Ben and her go there and recognize the Draytons posing as the pastor and his wife. While Jo leaves to call the police, Ben is assaulted by the Drayton's henchmen and left in the locked chapel. She cannot reach the inspector who questioned them on their arrival in London, but she is told that he had gone to the Royal Albert Hall for a concert. There she is recognized by the assassin who tells her that her son is safe as long as she keeps quiet. Ben manages to escape the chapel and rejoins Jo at the concert. Keeping an eye on the assassin, Jo manages to prevent the murder from happening, and Ben, trying to catch him, kills him by accident. The victim is the Prime Minister of a foreign country, and thanks to the police, they learn that the Draytons are at the embassy. Since the Prime Minister wanted to invite them and thank them, they ask him to be invited right now, in order to be able to verify if Hank is really there and allow the police to act. Ben then manages to find Hank and to escape the Draytons.

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Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Blade Runner (The Final Cut)

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]


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Replicants are artificial human beings with special abilities and used as slave labour on space colonies. They are illegal on Earth since they rebelled and killed humans. Blade runners are police officers who specialized in killing replicants. Rick Deckard is a retired blade runner who is called back to duty to kill four replicants who arrived recently on Earth. One of them, Leon, was caught and escaped after killing the policeman who administered him a test to determinate whether he is a replicant (they can be easily identified post-mortem, but otherwise only their lack of feelings and short lifespan can distinguish them from humans). Deckard first meets with Tyrell, the head of the corporation maufacturing the replicants, and with Tyrell's assistant Rachael who is a prototype replicant built with feelings and implanted memories. Clues at Leon's hotel room lead Deckard to a second replicant, Zhora, a female cabaret dancer whom he kills too after a street chase. Deckard is then caught by Leon, but the latter is killed by Rachael who just appeared in the nick of time. Rachael and Deckard eventually become lovers. Deckard additionally has a dream about a unicorn. The two other replicants, Batty and Pris, are trying to meet with Tyrell and eventually befriend Sebastian, one of Tyrell's engineers who plays chess with his boss. They eventually coerce Sebastian into taking Batty to Tyrell, whom Batty asks for an extension of their lifetime, which is almost at an end. When Tyrell explains that it is impossible, Batty kills him and Sebastian. Deckard eventually arrives at Sebastian's appartment in an abandonned building, where he kills Pris. He is then chased by Batty who chases him to the building's roof, but just when Deckard is about to fall to the ground, Batty saves him and then dies, his short life having come to its end. Deckard then returns to his place where Rachael is sleeping, and leaves the city with her. A paper unicorn left on the floor by Deckard's fellow police officer hints that Deckard is a replicant himself, that the officer knows (he has read his file containing the implanted memories and knows about the unicorn dream) and that he let them live.

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Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Antenne TV

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L'antenne d'intérieur active pour la télé fonctionne relativement bien, sauf quand des conditions indéterminées (en général l'après midi) font que la reception est vraiment mauvaise et que MPlayer plante lors de l'enregistrement. Après avoir lu je sais plus où (probablement dans Make), j'ai étudié la possibilité de construire une meilleure antenne. Je ne suis pas sûr d'y être parvenu, mais celle que j'ai fini par construire fonctionne plutôt bien. En fait le problème principal est que le mur situé entre le salon et la chambre à coucher augmente considérablement le bruit (le rapport signal/bruit donné par la carte DVB est nettement plus bas lorsque l'antenne est dans le salon que dans la chambre à coucher, et le taux d'erreur est plus élevé).

Après une première expérience avec un simple dipôle de 22 cm (prendre un câble d'antenne de 75 ohms, dénuder 11 cm, séparer le blindage de l'âme, torsader le blindage et le replier d'un coté, replier l'âme de l'autre coté pour obtenir un T) où j'ai découvert l'effet du mur, j'ai voulu développer une antenne qui soit adaptée aux fréquences des deux bouquets TNT que je regarde (YLE à 546 MHz et MTV3/Nelonen à 786 MHz).


Les deux fréquences étant éloignées l'une de l'autre, ce n'est pas une tâche facile. J'ai fini par obtenir un résultat théorique plutôt bon avec une biquad munie d'un réflecteur plan (voir le fichier NEC2).

antenne_1 J'ai alors construit la biquad avec une tige d'acier plaquée de cuivre (destinée à la soudure) de 2 mm de diamètre. Le coté d'un petit carré mesure 122 mm.


Je l'ai soudée à 10 m de câble d'antenne 75 ohms. Je comptais mettre l'antenne derrière la porte de la chambre où elle aurait été invisible, mais la réception était bien meilleure à coté de la fenêtre. J'ai donc dû rajouter une rallonge de 3 m.


Je me suis rendu compte qu'installer l'antenne dans la chambre à coucher avec son réflecteur situé 10 cm en arrière n'allait pas être facile (comprendre : ça va dépasser du mur et ça va être très moche). Mais les performances pratiques de cette antenne sans son reflecteur sont semble-t-il suffisamment bonnes (on n'est pas très loin de l'émetteur) : le taux d'erreur a été divisé par 16, et j'espère que ça évitera à la réception de devenir tellement mauvaise que MPlayer plante.


Les performances théoriques (meilleur gain net dans la partie haute de la bande de fréquences que dans la partie basse) contredisent les valeur (qui valent ce qu'elles valent) renvoyées par la carte DVB (taux d'erreur plus faible dans la partie basse de la bande). Je suppose qu'il existe une source de bruit externe plus forte dans la partie haute que dans la partie basse qui explique cette différence.

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Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Sining in the Rain

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont form a famous silent-movie duo. When the first talking movie is released, their studio must produce one as well. Lina has however a horrible voice, and the test projection is a failure. Don's friend Cosmo Brown then suggests to turn the failed movie into a musical, which would require little supplemental footage, and hire Kathy Selden, Don's girlfriend, for dubbing Lina. The latter must of course know nothing of the procedure, especially since she is in love with Don and is convinced he is in love with her. Lina of course discovers that her voice had been dubbed and that Kathy is going to be credited for it, so she threatens to sue the studio if Kathy's name appears in the movie. After the premiere, which was a big success, Lina wants to make a speech, and the audience presses her to sing. Kathy is hidden behind the curtain and dubs Lina, but in the middle of the song, Cosmo and the movie's producer lift the curtain, and the audience can see that Kathy is really the voice behind Lina.

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Friday, March 26th, 2010

The Ruby in the Smoke

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Summary on Wikipedia.

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Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



While being proposed in front of an audiance by a man she is not interested in, Alice notices a white rabbit and uses the excuse to interrupt the ceremony. She follows it into its hole and falls down into the Underland, where she is told that she is the chosen one who will slay the Jabberwocky and free the land from the evil queen of hearts. After escaping an attack by the troops of the queen, Alice meets the mad hatter at a tea party. He wants to take Alice to the white queen's castle, but they are again attacked by the red queen's men and Alice again barely escapes. She then decides to go and free the mad hatter from the queen's castle. The queen doesn't recognize her as Alice, and the latter manages to steal the sword with which she is supposed to kill the Jabberwocky before fleeing to the white queen's castle. The red and white queen eventually meet and their champions fight. Alice kills the Jabberwocky and the white queen banishes the red one. Alice comes back from Underland and refuses the marriage proposal, but rather becomes a business partner of the would-have-been groom's father.

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Friday, February 26th, 2010

Sleepless in Seattle

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After losing his wife, Sam moved to Seattle with his son Jonah, who is eight years old. One Christmas evening, Jonah calls a radio show and tells his Christmas wish would be for his father to get a new wife. Sam receives hundreds of letters from women all over the country, but the one from Annie catche's Jonah's attention; in the letter she suggests to meet on Valentine's Day on the top of the Empire State Building, since her fiance suggested to spend that day in New York. Annie lives in Baltimore and has a fiance, but has doubts about her coming wedding. She manages to find out Sam's address and under the pretense of a business trip, traveles to Seattle. She doesn't dare contacting Sam, but he notices her on two occasions. Annie flies back to Baltimore. When his father starts dating a woman who laughs like a hyena (and whom he doesn't find suitable for his father) and doesn't seem willing to visit the Empire State's Building on Valentine's Day, he flies alone to New York (thanks to his girlfriend who uses her mother's, a travel agent's, computer to get him a plane ticket). Jonah spends the day on top of the building when his father, who has discovered his disappearance on the morning and has immediately flown from Seattle to New York, finds him. When they are about to live, they finally meet Annie, who just had just broken up with her fiance in order to honor the appointment she had given Sam.

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Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Shaun of the Dead

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Shaun spends all his time with his best friend Ed. Ed even lives at Shaun's place, playing video games all day long. He even accompanies Shaun to the pub when the latter meets his girlfriend Liz. The day after Liz had broken up with Shaun because of Ed's omnipresence and Shaun's inability to imagine any other kind of entertainment than an evening at the pub, a mysterious plague starts turning people into zombies, and the disease can be transmitted by a bite. Being surrounded by zombies, Shaun decides he must take his loves one to safety, and somehow concludes that the pub is the safest place. He first goes to her parent's place, then take his parents to Liz's. She agrees to accompany him, but her two flatmates want to come along. Together they cross multiple backyards, fighting zombies, and finally arrive near the pub, which is surrounded by zombies. Pretending to be zombies themselves, they manage to enter the pub through a window and keep the zombies out. But they soon are under attack, and only Shaun and Liz escape, saved by the military who just arrived on the spot. Six months later, the city is quiet again and remaining zombies have been turned into harmless slave workers. Shaun visits zombie-Ed in the garden's shed, and plays video games with him.

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Sunday, February 14th, 2010


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Rodney, a young robot and an inventor, lives in a small town and dreams of meeting Bigweld, the founder of the company that produces replacement parts for all the robots and who welcomes all inventors. But when Rodney finally arrives in RobotCity, he discovers that Bigweld has disappeared and that the company, under the lead of Ratchet, is changing its policy, discontinuing replacement parts for far more expensive upgrades that most robots cannot afford. Ratchet's goal is to harvest on the street old robots who cannot afford upgrades and turn them into cheap-to-get scrap metal for his mother's Chop Shop. Rodney then takes on repairing old robots with what is available in the low city. He also convinces his friends to try and find out what happened to Bigweld. At Bigweld's yearly bal, where they had hoped to meet him, they only attract Ratchet's attention and barely escape alive. But Rodney finds help in one of the company's executives, Cappy, who doesn't like Ratchet's style. Together they go and explore Bigweld's house, who seems to have retired, because he's been told by Ratchet that his management style is outdated. But Bigweld eventually changes his mind and helps Rodney and his friends to stop Ratchet's plans, and restores the production of replacement parts.

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Friday, January 15th, 2010

Arthur and the Minimoys

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Arthur is 10 years old in 1960. He spends the summer with his grandmother, but times are tough and she will have to sell the house in two days if a solution isn't found. Arthur's grandfather has disappeared some time ago, but the boy finds out that he's left to search for rubies he had received from the Bogo Matassalai during his travels in Africa. The treasure is now hidden with the Minimoys, a people of very small creatures who were neighbours to the African tribe. Arthur discovers his grandfather's riddle leading him to finding the portal leading to the Minimoy's kingdom, right in the house's garden. After shrinking to the size of a Minimoy, he meets their king and the princess, and helps them fight an attack of the Seides, a group of rebels lead by the dreaded Maltazard. Along with the princess and her little brother, Arthur travels to the Necropolis to stop Maltazard before he conqures the Minimoy's territories. After some adventures, they are caught by Maltazard and meet Arthur's grandfather in jail. Maltazard, who had decided to flood the Minimoy's territory through the tunnel linking the two areas frees the adventurers and let them run in front of the rushing water. Moreover, Arthur notices that Maltazard's throne is made of the rubies. They manage to escape in time to warn the Minimoys and close the gate at their end of the tunnel. When Arthur and his grandfather come back to their world, they manage to find the location of the rubies and save the house.

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Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Jasper, pingouin explorateur

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Jasper est un petit pingouin à qui on a enseigné que rien n'existe au delà de la ceinture d'icebergs qui entoure leur territoire. Un jour cependant, Jasper découvre un perroquet appelé Kakapo dérivant sur un bloc de glace flottant. Kakapo, un animal qui se paralyse d'effroi à la moindre mauvaise surprise, convainc Jasper de venir l'aider à retrouver ses ½ufs, volés par un fabricant de limonade qui veut les utiliser pour fabriquer une limonade qui paralyse les enfants turbulents. Retournant sur le paquebot d'où Kakapo a été jeté par dessus bord, Jasper et Kakapo font la connaissance d'Emma, la fille du capitaine, qui s'ennuye terriblement. Emma essaye de convraincre son père d'arrêter l'indstriel, mais son père croit pas une histoire aussi incroyable. Après plusieurs tentatives ratées pour récupérer les ½ufs, Le paquebot arrive au port. Emma et Jasper s'élancent séparément à la poursuite de l'industriel qui retien Kakapo prisonnier, parviennent à détruire son usine et à sauver Kakapo et ses ½ufs.

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Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

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Spock's half-brother Sybok, who decided to follow his feelings rather than logic, has kidnapped a Terran, Romulan and Klingon embassadors on a planet in the Neutral Zone in order to attract a Federation starship (the new, unfinished Enterprise) and take it over. He manages to convince the crew and especially its captain, Kirk, to take him to the center of the galaxy, inside the Great Barrier to a planet believed to be the craddle of all life in the galaxy, and where God might be living. The entity they meet is rather evil and not a god at all, and the heroes eventually manage to escape the planet after Sybok was is killed by the entity, thanks to the help of a Klingon Bird of Prey which was following the Enterprise in an personal attempt by its captain to gain honor by defeating Kirk.

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Tuesday, November 17th, 2009


Categories: [ TV/Cinema/James Bond ]



007 and 006 get trapped while planting explosives in a Sovietic chemical weapons facility. 007 escapes, but 006 is killed. Nine years later, Bond witnesses the theft of a new stealth helicopter, protected against electromagnetic interference. Soon after, a Siberian radar station is destroyed by an electromagnetic pulse, and satellite pictures reveal the presence of the helicopter. The weapon used is the GoldenEye, made of two one-time use satellites emiting such a pulse and destroying all electronics in an area of tens of kilometers. One satellite remains, and the key to the system has been stolen by a criminal known as Janus. Bond goes to St. Petersburg to meet Janus (using Janus' competing crime lord as an intermediary), and discovers him to be the Trevelyan, ex-006, who was a traitor and not dead after all. With the help of the mandatory girl, the sole survivor of the destruction of the Siberian station, Bond chases Trevelyan and manages to learn that the control station for the second GoldeEye satellite is in Cuba. Bond and the girl go there and manage to destroy the satellite before it being used on London. Trevelyan's plan was to rob the Bank of England electronically and then erase all traces with an electromagnetic pulse, at the same time avenging his parents' death, victims of the Betrayal of the Cossacks.

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Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

The Man who Knew too Much

Categories: [ TV/Cinema/Hitchcock ]



From Wikipedia:

Bob and Jill Lawrence are on vacation in St. Moritz with their daughter Betty. The couple befriend a foreigner, Louis Bernard, who is staying in their hotel. One evening, as Jill dances with Louis, she witnesses his assassination as a French spy. Before dying, the spy passes on to them some vital information to be delivered to the British consul. In order to ensure their silence, the assassins, led by a charming and nefarious Abbott, kidnap their daughter. Unable to secure much meaningful help from the police, the couple return to England and, after following a series of leads, discover the group intends to assassinate a European ambassador during a concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Jill attends the concert and distracts the gunman with a scream. The assassins are killed by the police during a street shoot-out, Betty's sharpshooting mother dispatching the assassin who formerly beat her in a sharpshooting contest. Abbott commits suicide rather than be captured. Betty is returned to her parents.

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Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Les brigades du tigre

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Paris, 1912. La bande à Bonnot a braqué un transport de fonds et s'est enfuie sans prendre d'argent. Le commissaire Valentin, de la Première Brigade Mobile, est chargé de l'arrestation de Bonnot. Il découvre que ce qui a été volé est un livre de comptes appartenant au directeur de la Société Générale, et que ce dernier tient à tous prix à le récupérer. Mais Valentin est déssaisi de l'enquête, et est affecté à la protection du prince Bolkonski, venu à Paris pour signer la Triple Entente entre la France, la Grande Bretagne et la Russie. Des anarchistes russes à Paris troublent la réception officielle, et Valentin apprend que le peuple russe n'aime pas le Prince, alors que sa femme, Constance, est davantage du coté du peuple. En fait, la princesse est la maîtresse de Bonnot (qui est tué lors d'une fusillade alors que la police tente de l'arrêter). La princesse veut que Jean Jaurès, fondateur du journal l'Humanité, publie le contenu du livre de comptes, permettant de mettre au jour la corruption de l'élite française et du prince, à qui est distribuée le montant des Emprunts Russes (au lieu d'aller au peuple Russe, destinataire officiel), et de dénoncer la Triple Entente. La princesse réussit à convaincre Valentin de l'aider à trouver le code. Valentin fait replacer discrètement le livre de comtpes chez le banquier, puis fait arrêter ce dernier dans l'espoir de lui faire avouer le code en l'interrogeant. Mais il est libéré par le préfet de police de Paris juste avant de craquer, et Valentin démissionne. En rentrant chez lui, le banquier est torturé par Pjotr, un anarchiste russe, complice de la princesse, et lui fait avouer le code. De son coté, Valentin tente de trouver le nom du complice de Bonnot, mais se fait arrêter par les hommes du prince. La princesse, de son coté, fait parvenir le code à Jean Jaurès. Après la signature de la Triple Entente, tout le monde se retrouve à l'opéra pour la première d'Ivan le Terrible, mis en scène par la princesse. Valentin et ses hommes tentent de désamorcer la bombe placée par Pjotr dans sa loge, mais ne réussit qu'à sauver la princesse. En échange du silence de Valentin, le chef de la Sureté accepte de limoger le préfet de police (qui était corrompu lui aussi). Jaurès est convaincu de garder le silence sur cette affaire, et la Triple Entente est préservée. Valentin retrouve son poste de commissaire.

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Saturday, September 26th, 2009


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The Thunderbirds are a group of superheroes who rescue people in case of catastrophes. They are all members of the Tracy family, and their scret base is an island in the Pacific Ocean. The youngest son of Jeff Tracey, Alan, wants to become a member of the team, but his father wants him to finish his school first. The Hood, who had been left as dead in a previous rescue mission by the Thinderbirds wants his revenge. He fires a missile on the space station that is the eye-in-the-sky of the Thunderbirds, forcing the rescuers to fly and save the person manning the station. But they are jammed by The Hood who at the same time takes over the island and the control center, and left to die when the station enters the Earth's atmosphere. On the island, Alan and the children of the local genius and the caretaker try to retake the base, but fail. Meanwhile, The Hood wants to use Thunderbird vehicles to rob the Bank of London and let the people blame the Thunderbirds. The kids manage to escape, fly to London with another vehicle, save the people put in danger by The Hood's operation, and finally get The Hood arrested. At the end, they all become official members of the Thunderbirds.

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Sunday, September 20th, 2009


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Jackie Chan is a supercop from Hong-Kong detached to the Chinese police to infiltrate drug lord Chaibat's organisation. In order to do so, Chan helps free Panther, a henchman of Chaibat from prison (with the support of the police). Panther likes Chan and decides to take him with him to Hong-Kong to meet Chaibat. They then go to Thailand where Chaibat betrays a number of other drug lords in order to acquire the entire production for himself. After that, they go to Malaysia, where Chaibat's wife is to be sentenced to death. Chaibat needs her alive, since she's the only one to know the code to his Swiss bank account. Chan is revealed as a cop by his girlfriend, whom they meet by accident at their hotel, and he's forced to help Chaibat free his wife in exchange for his girlfriend. Everyting turns out as planned, but Chan wants to take revenge on Chaibat's mistreatment of his girlfriend. They have a final fight on the roof of a train, and Chaibat falls down from the train.

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Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Reign of Fire

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



England, 2020. Dragons have been roaming the Earth for the past twenty years since the son of an engineer at a construction dig in London found the first dragon. As the dragons feed on ashes, they burnt almost everything (and the use of nuclear weapons in the early time of the invasion didn't help). People are surviving in small communities, such as one in a castle in Northumberland, lead by the now-grown-up finder of the first dragon. One day, a group of American soldiers arrive at the gate of the castle with heavy equipment, and present themselves as dragonslayers. They discovered that all the dragons are females, except one male, which they believe is in London. The residents of the castle don't want to accompany them to London. The same day, the male dragon kills most of the Americans and attacks the castle. The two remaining Americans and the leader of the castle fly to London with the American's helicopter. He leads the group to the old construction site, and they manage to slay the male, thus provoking the specie's extinction.

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Friday, July 31st, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Categories: [ TV/Cinema/Harry Potter ]


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Dumbledore takes Harry with him to visit Slughorn, whom he hopes to convince to come back to Hogwarts as a teacher. He then sends Harry to the Weasleys for the end of the summer. Meanwhile, Snape takes an unbreakable vow to protect Malfoy and assist him in whatever task the Dark Lord has assigned to him. In the train back to school, Harry spies on Malfoy, whom he suspects to be now a Death Eater. At school, Slughorn teaches potions, and since Harry didn't intend at first to take this course, the teacher tells him to take a textbook from the cupboard. The one he takes belonged to the mysterious Half-Blood Prince and is full of useful indications, making Harry first of his class in Potions. Dumbledore then shows Harry memories he had collected over the years about Tom Riddle, and particularly one belonging to Slughorn which had been tampered with. Harry then befriends the teacher (an easy task, since the latter tries to collect exceptional students) and eventually manages to get a copy of the original memory, where Slughorn explains to Riddle what is a Horecrux (an object where one can hide part of one's soul) and that it is possible to split a soul in seven parts (meaning you have to kill seven people). Dumbledore, who had been investigating possible horecruxes during the year, then takes Harry to a cave where one possible Horecrux is hidden. They manage to find it and return to Hogwarts. Dumbledore tells Harry to hide just before Malfoy arrives, followed by Death Eaters he had let into the castle. Malfoy's task is to kill Dumbledore, but he can't do it. Snape then arrives and kills the headmaster. In the end, the horecrux (a pendant) happens to be a fake, it had already been replaced by a mysterious R.A.B. Harry also announces that he wouldn't return to Hogwarts the next year.

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Saturday, July 25th, 2009


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Darkness, the lord of darkness, wants to kill the two unicorns who represent goodness and love in the world in order to start his reign of darknedd. Jack, a wild boy of the forest, shows the unicorns to his friend, Princess Lili. While she touches one unicorn, Blix the goblin, following Darkness's orders, shoots a poisoned arrow at the unicorn, and eventually cuts his horn. Immediately, winter comes. Meanwhile, Jack meets Gump, an elf of he forest, and his friends, two dwarves and a fairy, who convince him to go and retrieve the horn. Soon after, Lili is taken prisoner by Darkness, who wants to make her his wife. The second unicorn is also taken, and giung to be sacrficed at sunset, thus preventing the sun to rise forever. Jack, Gump and his friends enter Darkness's palace and, using giant silver plates, bring the sunshine down the dungeon, which effectively banishes Darkness forever.

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Sunday, July 5th, 2009

The 39 Steps

Categories: [ TV/Cinema/Hitchcock ]



Richard Hannay meets Anabella Smith at a theatre where gunshots have been fired. Frightened, Anabella convices Richard to take her with him to his appartment. There she reveals she is a spy, that she's being followed and tells Richard she needs to meet a man in a given place in Scotland to prevent vital military secrets to be leaked outside of Britain by an organization lead by a man with a missing little finger joint. She also mentions the “39 Steps” with no further explanation. During the night, she's stabbed in the back, and just before dying gives Richard a map of Scotland with a name underlined. Richard flees from his appartment to Scotland, but is chased by the police under suspicion of murder. He eventually ends up at the place, but ends up in the lair of the villain. He manages to escape but is arrested by two detectives who are actually henchmen of the villain. He manages to escape, and later overhears them speaking about the London Palladium where their boss is going. Richard leaves for London, and while watching the performace of “Mr Memory”, who can recall anything, understands that the stolen secrets are in Memory's head, which explains that no secret document had gone missing. While the (real) police is arresting him, he shouts to ask Memory what are the 39 Steps, and the other answers they are an organisation of spies working for a foreign country. The villain, who attended the performance, shoots him, but is apprehended.

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Monday, June 22nd, 2009

South Park Me

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If I were a South Park character, I'd probably look like that. Thankfully, I'm not a South Park character.

Made at SP-Studio. My hair color wasn't available, I edited it afterwards.

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Thursday, May 28th, 2009

The Lady Vanishes

Categories: [ TV/Cinema/Hitchcock ]



Because of an avalanche, a bunch of people are stuck in a hotel in central Europe (clearly not nazi-controlled Austria), waiting for the train which will arrive the next morning. Iris, a young woman meets Miss Froy, an elderly lady and a governess. Just before getting on the train, Iris is hit on the head by a falling flowerpot (pushed by a mysterious hand). They get on the train together, drink tea together, and then Iris gets asleep. When she wakes up, the Lady has disappeared. All the passengers of the wagon deny having seen her, for various reasons of their own (avoiding scandal, or trying not to get delayed any further). For the surgeon who happens to be on the train, she is hallucinating. The surgeon is receiving a laid down, bandaged-face patient at one station, travelling with him to the next where he's going to operate him at the local hospital. Suddenly, a false Miss Froy reappears. Iris finally manages to convince Gilbert that she is not hallucinating, and that the couple in her compartment (an illusionist and his wife) are involved in the lady's kidnapping. They conclude that the bandaged person is actually Miss Froy. They confront the surgeon who admits the kidnapping, then with the help of his remorseful accomplice, the substitute the fake Miss Froy to the real one. When the surgeon finds out, he gets the local authorities to stop the train in the middle of nowhere. A gunfight follows, where Miss Froy admits to be an English spy. She gives her coded message to Gilbert and Iris, to transmit to the Foreign Office, leaves the train in an attempt to escape on her own. The passengers of the train manage to restart the locomotive, and cross the border. In London, Gilbert and Iris arrive at the foreign office and meet Miss Froy who somehow managed to arrive there before them.

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