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Monday, June 24th, 2024

Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

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Four years after defeating Enchantress, Joker breaks up with Harley Quinn. Without his protection, all the people she has wronged in the past want to kill her. At a night club owned by crime lord Roman Sionis, Harley meets Dinah, a singer who becomes Sionis' driver, the latter being impressed by her fighting skills when preventing a drunk Harley from being kidnapped. Sionis is also investigated by Gotham City PD Detective Renee Montoya, who also investigates a series of mob killing carried out by a crossbow-wielding vigilante. Sionis sends his sadistic henchman Szasz and Dinah to retrieve a diamond containing the account numbers to the fortune of the Bertinelli crime family, who were massacred years ago, but Cassandra Cain, a child pickpocket steals the diamond and swallows it as she is soon after arrested by the police. Harley is captured by Sionis' men and convinces him to release her under the promise she can retrieve the diamond from Cassandra. Harley breaks into GCPD, frees Cass and takes her to her apartment, but they have to flee when attacked by criminals, Sionis having also placed a bounty on Cass' head. Harley agrees to meet with Sionis in an abandoned amusment park to exchange Cass for his protection. Dinah, who had agreed to become an informant for Montoya, tells her about the meeting, but Szasz notices it and tells Sionis, who assembles an army of thugs to attack the meeting place. At the amusement park, Harley and Cass are joined by Montoya and soon by Szasz who forced Dinah to come with him. Szasz is killed by the crossbow killer who appears suddenly and who reveals herself as Helena, the sole survivor of the Bertinelli family and who wants to avenge their deaths. Together they fight Sionis' thugs, but Cass is captured and chased by Dinah and Harley. Sionis is finally killed by Cass. In the end, Montoya (who has left the police), Dinah and Helena form the Birds of Prey team of vigilantes thanks to the Bertinelli fortune, while Cass and Harley sell the diamond and go their own way.

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Friday, May 24th, 2024

Wonder Woman 1984

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As a child, Diana participates in a competition that she almost win by cheating, only to be stopped before the finish line by Antiope, who explains that anything worthwhile must be obtained honestly. In 1984, Diana works as the Smithonian Institution and befriends Barbara Minerva, a shy geologist and cryptozoologist with whom she tries to identify stolen antiquities by request of the FBI. They notice a Latin inscription on a large yellow crystal, claiming it can grant one wish. Barbara wishes she would be more like Diana and soon gets more self-confident, noticed by other people and develops super powers. Diana, yearning for Steve Trevor, discovers that her dead lover has resurrected in the body of random man; he seeks her and they are reunited. In the meanwhile, failed businessman Max Lord steals the crystal and wishes to become it. He thus can grant anyone else's wish and take something from them in return. This soon results in worldwide chaos, destruction, and instability. Diana and Barbara discover that the crystal was created by the God of Lies and grants exactly what is asked, but in a way that is always detrimental to the wisher, and has caused the downfall of many civilisations throughout History; the only alternative would be that all wishers renounce their wishes, but neither Barbara nor Diana are willing to do so. Max then visits the US President who wishes to have many more nuclear missiles than the USSR; in exchange Max gets access to a US satellite system that allows to broadcast to anyone in the world. Max thus plans to steal the wisher's life force to compensate for his body's decay due to granting wishes. Diana tries to stop Max, but Barbara sides with him and they escape together. Steve then convinces Diana to renounce her wish, which restores her full strength. She then flies to the island from which the broadcast system is controlled and again battles Barbara, who is turning into a humanoid cheetah. Having won, Diana confronts Max and uses her Lasso of Truth to communicate with the world through him, persuading everyone to renounce their wishes. Seeing a vision of his son searching desperately for his father, Max realizes his error, renounces his wish, cancelling most of the changes that occurred due to people's wishes.

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Tuesday, December 12th, 2023

The Suicide Squad

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The suicide squad is sent to the island of Corto Maltese to destroy a secret laboratory housing the Starfish project. Its first task is to rescue Colonel Flag who survived a diversionary attack on the other side of the island. Flag's team has been killed, except Harley Quinn who was made prisoner. The islands new dictator wants to marry Harley, but she kills him when she learns his plans to use Starfish on political dissidents. She escapes and joins the squad just as they mount a rescue mission for her. The squad first finds Thinker, a scientist working at the laboratory who can help them enter the building. They then enter the building and place explosive charges, but they detonate too early, freeing the gigantic starfish-like alien who has been steadily growing there since its capture by American astronauts decades earlier. Flag wants to show proof of the US involvement in the Starfish project that has been using locals as guinea pigs, but he is killed by another member of the squad whose secret mission was to destroy all the evidence. As the creature menaces to destroy the island, the squad decides to go against its orders and to kill the alien with the help of the city's rats, who can be controlled by one of the members of the squad.

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Thursday, April 20th, 2023


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In 1974, Thaddeus Sivana is transported to a strange cave where a wizard tests whether he has a pure heart. He fails the test. In present-day, Billy Batson repeatedly escapes from foster homes in search for his mother who lost him when he was three. He ends up in a group home where he meets five other kids, including superhero enthusiast Freddy. At the same time, Sivana manages to go back to the cave and gets possessed by the seven deadly Sins when the Eye fuses into his body. The wizard's searching spell then takes Billy to the cave, and the child receives the wizard's powers, transforming him into a adult superhero. With Freddy's help, Billy discovers his many powers and his ability to change forth and back by saying the word “shazam”. At first, Billy uses his powers for vanity, selling selfies with himself to tourists. Sivana then comes and takes Billy and his siblings to the cave to force him to surrender his powers using the wizard's staff. Together, they attack Sivana and Billy notices that the villain becomes vulnerable when all the Sins leave him to take physical form. Billy then uses the staff to share his powers with his siblings, and then breaks it. They escape the cave to a winter carnival where they battle the sins. Billy manages to trick Envy into leaving Sivana's body so that he can get the Eye out of the villain's head and force the Sins back to the cave as statues. The children return to a more or less normal life, and use the cave as their superhero headquarters. In prison, Sivana is approached by a talking caterpillar who proposes an alliance.

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Sunday, June 19th, 2022

Suicide Squad

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After Superman's death and to protect the US from future metahuman threat, Amanda Waller forms Task Force X, a task force of six incarcerated supervillains coerced into working for the government by implanting them with nanite bombs. Waller already has a hold on Enchantress, a sorceress who possesses the body of archaeologist June Moone, by physically controlling the heart of the sorceress. Enchantress however manages to escape Waller's control, conquer Midway City and summon her brother Incubus to destroy humanity. Task Force X is joined by Rick Flag who is in love with Moone, and his associate Katana. Their first target is to extract Waller from her HQ in the middle of Midway City and cover up her involvement with Enchantress. Meanwhile Joker, lover of Task Force X member Harley Quinn, tries to free her from her nanite bomb, but is eventually believed to be dead. The squad then abandons Flag until he relieves them of their mission, and they then decide to prove themselves by saving the city. While some of the squad kill Incubus, Harley Quinn tricks the Enchantress into believing she wants to join her, takes her heart from her chest and destroys it, releasing Moone from her control. Waller sends the squad back to their cells with reduced sentences, but Joker comes back and frees Harley Quinn.

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Monday, October 18th, 2021


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Arthur is the son of a lighthouse keeper and Atlanna, queen of Atlantis to escape an arranged marriage. When Arthur was very young, Atlanna is forced to go back to Atlantis and Arthur is raised by his father and trained by the Atlantean Vulko, who is loyal to the queen. Arthur is exceptionally strong and able to breathe under water, and becomes known as Aquaman. He stops Black Manta from hijacking a Russian submarine which is nonetheless used by Arthur's half brother Orm, king of the Atlanteans for staging an attack from the humans on a summit between Orm and King Nereus, thus convincing him to unite the Atlant people under Orm's banner against the humans. Nereus's daughter Mera seeks Arthur and sends him on a quest to find the legendary Trident of Atlan, whose owner becomes Ocean Master. Arthur is captured by Orm and defeated in a duel, and escapes thanks to Mera. They travel to the fallen Kingdom of the Deserters under the Sahara, where they find a clue leading then to Sicily. There they find a clue to the next leg of the journey, to the Trench, and escape an attack by Black Manta, who is armed by Orm with prototype Atlantean weapons. They dive into the Trench, where Arthur's mother had been given as a sacrificed years ago. Arthur and Mera dive into it and discover a wormhole that transports them to an underground sea at the center of the Earth. There Arthur finds his mother alive, and the trident guarded by the Karathen. She could not escape, as only the true king of Atlantis can take the trident, and one needs the trident to leave the place. Arthur manages to communicate with the Karathen and it lets him take the trident. With the Karathen and the monsters from the Trench as ally, Arthur confronts Orm's army and vanquishes him in a duel. Arthur is then recognized as Ocean Master.

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Monday, October 12th, 2020

Justice League

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Steppenwolf is back and recovers the Mother Boxes in order to once again take over the Earth: one Box was guarded by the Amazons, one by the Atlants and the last one had been found recently and kept at S.T.A.R. Labs, where it had been used to save the life of Victor Stone, progressively transforming him into Cyborg. Warned by the Amazons, Wonder Woman joins forces with Batman to find more metahumans who could help them stop Steppenwolf. They manage to convince the Flash and a reluctant Aquaman to join them. They also decide that they need the help of Superman (who is currently dead) and manage to revive him using S.T.A.R. Labs' Mother Box, but Superman has lost his memories and is of no use; in the confusion, Steppenwolf takes the third box. The team tracks the villain to a village in Russia where they start fighting him, and are able to prevail only after Superman arrivers (having recovered his memories thanks to Lois Lane).

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Sunday, September 27th, 2020

Wonder Woman

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Diana, daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta lives on a hidden island with the amazons, preparing for return of Ares. The latter had killed most of the gods and was defeated by Zeus, but is said to return one day. In 1918, Steve Trevor, a British spy, crash lands near the island and describes World War I to the amazons and the secret research by Maru and Ludendorff for the ultimate chemical weapon. The amazons are not convinced that it marks the return of Ares, but Diana decides to help Trevor return to Britain. Back in London, they meet Sir Patrick Morgan who tries to negotiate an armistice; the military is not interested in Trevor's discovery, but Sir Patrick decides to financially support Trevor in his attempt to destroy Ludendorff's secret weapon at his base in Belgium. Trevor recruits a small commando and leaves for Belgium with Diana. They first observe Ludendorff at a party where he attempts to gather support against the armistice and his plan to demonstrate his secret weapon by using it on London. Trevor and Diana then discover the secret base and while Diana seeks to Ludendorff, convinced that he is Ares, Trevor attempts to prevent a bomb raid to London and dies in the attempt. The death of Ludendorff does not stop the war, and Diana understands she was wrong. Sir Patrick then appears out of nowhere and reveals himself as being Ares, justifying his attempt to kill humanity by the fact that humans are not the perfectly good beings that Zeus claimed having created. Diana eventually kills Ares just as the war ends.

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Sunday, April 28th, 2019

Man of Steel

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On Krypton, people are born and live according to a predetermined plan. As the planet about to collapse because its core has been too extensively mined, Jor-El steals the codex containing information about all the kryptonians yet to be born and infuses its data into the cells of his son Kal-El, first kryptonian conceived and born independently from the plan. The baby is sent to Earth on an automated ship just before Jor-El is killed by rebel General Zod who considers him a traitor. Zod and his few followers are sentenced to be put into suspended animation. On Earth, Kal-El is adopted by the Kents and named Clark. He faces the challenge of hiding his powers, especially when people are in danger. Some years later, journalist Lois Lane investigates the discovery of an alien ship in the Arctic. On the ship she meets Clark who learns about his past using the ship's computer and data that was put in his ship by his father. Later, Lane investigates this mysterious character and discovers his identity. Soon after Zod arrives on Earth (his prison opened as Krypton was destroyed) and demands to be given Kal-El. Zod's plan is to terraform Earth to make it a new Krypton, and he needs the codex to repopulate it. One terraforming lands in the Indian Ocean while the other one comes to Metropolis. While Kal-El, nicknamed “Superman”, disables the one in the Indian Ocean, the Air Force uses Kal-El's ship's drive as a bomb against the one in Metropolis. Zod survives and threatens to kill all humans just to spite Superman; the latter has to resort to killing the kryptonian. Clark persuades the government that he will work independently from them, and becomes a journalist at the Daily Planet as a cover.

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Saturday, April 20th, 2019

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Clark Kent considers neighbouring Gotham City's Batman to be dangerous as he seems to take the law in his own hands when dealing with criminals. In return, Bruce Wayne considers Metropolis' Superman to be a potential threat, as nobody can apparently stop him. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor recovers a large amount of kryptonite from Zod's crashed ship in the Indian Ocean and attempts to import it legally to make weapons that would allow humans to fight Superman, if there was ever a need. In an attempt to get that Kryptonite, Wayne discovers Lex's files on four metahumans (Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash) and even meets Diana Prince. Superman is then questioned at a congressional hearing about the validity of his actions, and a bomb planted by Luthor kills all participants; Superman then disappears. Luthor then kidnaps Martha Kent to get Superman's attention and promises not to kill her if he brings him Batman's head. Batman figths Superman with some of his kryptonite-based weapons, but they finally understand they have been manipulated. While Batman saves Martha, Superman fights a mutant monster made by Luthor using Zod's technology and manages to kill him with Batman's last kryptonite weapon, but dies himself in the process. At Clark's funeral, Wayne's tell Prince about his intention to find the other metahumans and form a team to protect the world in Superman's absence.

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