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Mardi, 1er mai 2018

Avengers: Age of Ultron

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While raiding a Hydra base in Eastern Europe, the Avengers find an extra-terrestrial sceptre containing an IA in a gem, an Infinity Stone. Stark attempts to use that IA to make the ultimate peace-keeping android, Ultron. Ultron's consciousness awakes by accident, and it decides that to preserve peace on Earth, all humans must be eliminated. Ultron uses the Hydra lab to build an army of robots, and enrolls the Maximoff twins, who blame Stark for the death of their parents. The Avengers track Ultron in its search for vibranium, but he escapes, and Wanda Maximoff's psychic powers provoke hallucinations about potential futures, that almost breaks the team apart (and causes Hulk to do much damage in a city). In Seoul, Ultron forces Dr. Cho to create a body that allies the gem, vibranium and synthetic human cells, but the transfer of the mind to the new body is interrupted by Cho who got a warning from Wanda, the twins having turned against Ultron when learning its desire to kill all humans. The new body is recovered by the Avengers, and Stark merges JARVIS with the partial Ultron consciousness, creating a powerful being decided to stop Ultron. Back in Eastern Europe, Ultron uses the Hydra lab to build a device that lifts the whole nearby city in order to turn it into a meteor that will cause the next massive extinction of species. The Avengers, helped by Nick Fury and a few former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, evacuate the city as it is lifting off, and destroy it in the nick of time.

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