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Dimanche, 29 janvier 2017

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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Newt Scamander arrives in 1926 New York with a suitcase full of magical creatures, with the intent of returning one of them to Arizona, where it belongs. The Magical Congress of the USA however forbids possession of magical creatures, even more so as strange phenomena threaten to expose the magical folk to the no-majs. Several of Newt's creatures escape from his suitcase following a mix-up with Jacob's suitcase, and both men are eventually meet former auror Tina and her sister Queenie. Newt introduces Jacob to the creatures living inside his suitcase, and the latter accepts to help Newt recover the ones that have escaped. In the meanwhile a no-maj is killed by the above mentioned strange phenomenon, believed to be a magical creature, and Newt is accused of being responsible and of complicity with the dark wizard Grindelwald. Condemned to be executed, they escape and attempt to recover the last of Newt's creature. Meanwhile, Director of Magical Security Graves is attempting to locate an obscurus, a magic parasite that develops in young wizards who are forced to suppress their powers, turning them into rampaging shadows when overwhelmed with emotions. For that he uses the help of Credence, the adoptive son of a woman who hates witches. Credence happens to be the host of the Obscurus, and when threatened by Graves, he becomes uncontrollable. Newt manages to calm him down, but Graves aggravates the situation, and the aurors eventually kill the obscurus. Graves is arrested and reveals himself to actually be Grindelwald, who wanted to reveal the existence of the magical folk and provoke a civil war.

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