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Saturday, October 19th, 2019

The Da Vinci Code

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Robert Langdon is suspected by the French police to have murdered the curator of the Louvre, who has been found naked and surrounded with cryptic symbols. Langdon deduces from them that the curator was a grand master of the Priory of Sion, a secret society sworn to protect the Holy Grail. With the help of Sophie, a police cryptographer who believes Landgon is innocent, and based on the symbols, they find in the Louvre a key hidden by the curator and escape the policemen. The key leads them to a bank where they retrieve a device containing a hidden message and requires a password to open. To hide from the police, they go to Sir Leigh Teabing, an expert on the Holy Grail. Teabing convinces them that the Holy Grail is actually a woman, none other than Maria Magdalena, Jesus' wife, and that the Priory of Sion has been protecting the descendants of Jesus ever since. They are also chased by a religious fanatic from Opus Dei who attempts to kill them (and who already killed the curator), with the aim to destroy proof of the existence of Jesus' descendants. They escape to London using Teabing's private jet, hoping to find the clue to unlock the device. They are betrayed by Teabing's butler who works for Opus Dei. They finally discover that Teabing is the one who was tipping the Opus Dei with the purpose of bringing down the Catholic Church for centuries of deceit regarding the truth about the Holy Grail. Threatened by Teabing, they go to Westminster Abbey where Langdon finds the key to open the device and eventually causes Teabing to be arrested by the police. The message in the device indicates that the Holy Grail lies “beneath the Rose”, leading the heroes to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, where they find the Priory of Sion's archives and proof that Sophie is the last descendant of Jesus. But the sarcophagus of Maria Magdalene is not there anymore, preventing any kind of genetic test against Sophie's DNA. In the end, Langdon understands that the rose is a reference to the “rose line” and that the sarcophagus is buried below the Louvre's inverted pyramid.

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