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Monday, June 10th, 2024

The Great Gatsby

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Nick Carraway tells his psychiatrist about his meeting of Jay Gatsby in 1922 in New York. Carraway's cousin, Tom Buchanan is a domineering man whose wife Daisy introduces her friend Jordan Baker to Carraway. Tom also has a mistress, Myrtle, wife of a garage owner in a disreputable part of the city, whom Nick meets at a party. Carraway has bought a house next to Gatsby's mansion and wonders about the mysterious man. One day, Nick is invited to one of the extravagant parties held by Gatsby, and is apparently the only person with an invitation. Gatsby asks Nick to invite his cousin Daisy for tea at his cottage one day, when Gatsby would just happen to visit his neighbour. Nick learns bit by bit that Gatsby had met Daisy five years earlier when he was in the army and had fallen in love with her. But since he was poor, he could not marry her and she then married Tom and started to throw parties in the hope she would attend. Gatsby and Daisy begin an affair, but when she ask him to run away with her he refuses, saying she must divorce Tom. Gatsby pressures Daisy to tell Tom she is leaving him, and during a dinner at the Buchanan Tom becomes suspicious of Gatsby and his wife, but Daisy changes the subject, suggesting they all go into town, at the Plaza Hotel. There Gatsby tells Tom that his wife never loved him (which is not quite true) and Tom reciprocates exposing Gatsby as a nobody who made his fortune through bootlegging with mobsters. Gatsby and Daisy leave and on the way back home they pass by Myrtle's garage and accidentally kill her but do not stop. Nick eventually deduces that Daisy was driving that night but Gatsby protects her by letting people believe is is responsible. He then waits for Daisy's phone call where she would tell him she has finally left Tom, but he is instead killed by Myrtle's husband. Nobody attends Gatsby's funeral except Nick, as now that his past is know and he is still thought to be Myrtle's killer, he has become an outcast from the society of the wealthy. In the end, Nick reflects on Gatsby's ability to hope.

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