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Thursday, April 30th, 2015


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In the 1930, Carl Frederiksen dreams of adventures and idolizes the explorer Charles Muntz. He meets Ellie who is a fan of Muntz as well and they promis each other to bring her house onto a cliff in South America near a waterfall, depicted in one of Muntz's books. But the couple never got enough money and Ellie died before they could fulfill their dreams. Living alone in the house and soon to be forced to live in a retirement home, Carl attached his house to a large amount of helium-filled balloos and flies to South America, accidentally accompanied by a boy scout who was trying to get his last badge. They land near the waterfall, and fall out of the house; unable to get in again, they pull it towards their destination. On the way, they find a strange, huge bird (first discovered by Muntz who was called a fraud and leaft promising not to come back before he can bring a specimen) who is chased by a a pack of dog who can talk through their electronic collar. The dogs take them to Muntz who still lives nearby in his dirigible. Muntz discovers they have found the bird (that has followed them) and tries to capture it. They manage to escape, but Muntz then manages to capture the bird. They board the dirigible and save it, Muntz getting killed in the process. Eventually they come back home and Carl becomes the boy scout's adoptive grandfather.

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