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The audiocd.cls Class

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Here is a list of the available commands:

sets the title.
sets the name of the artist.
sets a smaller supertitle above the main title.
sets a smaller subtitle below the title.
sets the text of the sides of the case, defaults to the value of title.
sets the name of the file containing the cover picture.
sets the background color of the front cover.
sets the text at the top of the front cover. It is used only if no picture cover is defined.
sets the date of the recording.
an environment that accepts any content.

If no cover picture is given with the cover command, the front cover is composed of the coverhead at the top, the supertitle, title and subtitle in the middle, and the artist at the bottom. Otherwise, the given picture is spread as widely as possible on the front cover, respecting the aspect ratio.

The content of the content environment is displayed on the back cover.



\title{Soundtrack Mix 1}
\begin{tabular}{r@{ -- }p{11.7cm}}
1 & \textit{Hymn to Red October (The Hunt for Red October)}, Basil Poledouris\\
2 & \textit{Hedwig's Theme (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone)}, John Williams\\
3 & \textit{Dawn to a New Century (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)}, Trevor Jones\\
4 & \textit{Overture (Conspiracy Theory)}, Carter Burwell\\
5 & \textit{The Dark Crystal Overture (The Dark Crystal)}, Trevor Jones\\
6 & \textit{Flaming the Hat/Main Titles (Young Sherlock Holmes)}, Bruce Broughton\\
7 & \textit{Opening to Profion's Dungeon (Dungeons \& Dragons)}, Justin Caine Burnett\\
8 & \textit{The Poppy Fields (Main Titles) (The Shadow)}, Jerry Goldsmith\\
9 & \textit{Main Title and Calvera (The Magnificient Seven)}, Elmer Berstein\\
10 & \textit{Donkey Meets Shrek (Shrek)}, Harry Gregson-Williams \& John Powell\\
11 & \textit{Scherzo for Motorcyle and Orchestra (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)}, John Williams\\
12 & \textit{Theme de Fantomas (Fantomas)}, Michel Magne\\
13 & \textit{The Phantom (The Phantom)}, David Newman\\
14 & \textit{Concerning Hobbits (The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring)}, Howard Shore\\
15 & \textit{The Raider's March (Raiders of the Lost Ark)}, John Williams\\
16 & \textit{Archer's Theme (Enterprise)}, Dennis McCarthy\\
17 & \textit{End Credits (Batman Returns)}, Danny Elfman\\
18 & \textit{Closing Credits: Bolero (Moulin Rouge)}, Baz Luhrmann\\
19 & \textit{Finale/End Credits (The Empire Strikes Back)}, John Williams\\

The toc2latex Script

The toc2latex script (written in Perl) generates a cover from the toc files used by cdrdao.

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