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Personal Projects

The one and only hand-made Poppikone for playing OggVorbis and MP3 files from CD.

Some pieces of source code and patches for my Leffakone. Leffakone is a media player and recorder based on Freevo and MPlayer that allows to record TV, watch the TV recordings and DVDs, watch (and soon record) Terrestrial DVB (DigiTV) and look at pictures (e.g. taken with a digital camera).

A FotoWire (a.k.a. SilverWire) client in Perl. Not fully tested, dangerous, may give you cancer and make your wife disappear. Use with caution.

Compact versions in PostScript format of the Diceware wordlists: the original version (LATEX source), Alan Beale's simplified version (LATEX source) and my French version (LATEX source). All were created using Perl and LATEX, from the original word lists (source code).

A small Perl script called mailing_list that gives the user a simplistic interface to different mailing-list engines, allowing to easily subscribe, unsubscribe, set/unset the vacation mode and get help, without the need to remember the exact syntax nor the appropriate e-mail address. It has been tested with mutt (here is a sample of the muttrc needed to use it in mutt), but may work with other MUA also, as long as they allow to run external, text-mode programs.

LATEX resources: home-made classfiles for novels and short stories, CD covers for audio, video and CD-ROM in jewel cases, CV, TTF fonts, and maybe more.

Linux / Free software

Two Jabber clients for Linux and Windows.

Various logos for making Linux T-shirts or Tux cross-stiching.


A recipe for home-made Irish cream

Useful Stuff

Hourly temperature report in Jyväskylä.

Less Useful Stuff

A movie soundtrack quizz

A couple of pictures and other useless stuff

A Sudoku solver

Miscellaneous Information

My PGP public key and its fingerprint: AC07 A39D C63F 1404 CCC5 7F79 85CB 340E FCD5 E0B3

My Geek Code Block:

Version: 3.12
GCS/IT/ED d-- s+: a+ C++$ UL++++ P+++ L+++ E--- W++ N++ o? K- w-- PS++ PE-
Y+ PGP++ t++@ 5++ X-(++) R@ tv b++ DI+ D++ G e++++ h---- r+++ z++++

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