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Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Last Action Hero

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Dany is a kid who prefers going to the movie and watch the adventures of his favourite hero, Jack Slater rather than go to school. His friend Nick, the projectionist of the theatre invites Dany to watch the newest Jack Slater before the premiere. Nick gives Dany a magical ticket that was given to him by Houdini; but Nick never had the courage to try it. Nick splits the ticket and gives Dany the stub. During the movie, the ticket activates and Dany enters the movie just after Slater witnesses the murder of his cousin. Dany never manages to convince Slater that he knows who is the bad guy (Dany saw the villain, Vivaldi, and his henchman, Benedict, reveal their plan earlier on screen), but Slater accepts to pay a visit to Vivaldi's house, which raises Benedict's suspicions. When Dany and Slater are attacked by Benedict, the latter takes Dany's magical ticket and later discovers its use. Meanwhile, Dany and Slater discover Vivaldi's plan to kill his rivals at a funeral, and the heroes save the day. When trying to apprehend Vivaldi and Benedict, the latter flees to the real world using the ticket, and Dany and Slater manage just to follow him through the portal. In the real world, Slater discovers he really is only a fictional character, that the writers gave him a miserable life and that he doesn't like violence anymore. Meanwhile, Benedict visits the theaters of New York City, looking for other movie villains. He finds the Ripper, the villain in the previous Jack Slater movie, and asks him to kill Arnold Schwarzenegger, the actor playing Slater. At the premiere of the new movie, Dany and Slater confront the Ripper and kill him. Benedict is soon killed, but slater is mortally wounded. To save him, Dany understands Slater must return into his movie. Dany steals the ambulance driving Slater to a hospital and takes him to Nick's theatre. He finds the other half of the magic ticket in the trash and gives it to Slater, who quickly returns into his world, with barely a scratch.

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Watched it again

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