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Sunday, June 1st, 2014

Police Academy 6: City under Siege

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Harris cannot stop the wave of robberies in his precinct; he then gets help from Lassard and his best men. They soon undertand that there is a mole among them, telling the robbers about all their moves. After loosing a priceless diamond, used as bait, they are dismissed and continue investigatin on their own. They find out that the robbers are obeying the orders of a mysterious man, and that all the robberies are taking place along the path of the future tramway. After a long chase, they eventually find out that the mysterious head of the gang is no other than the mayor, who had been buying property along the future tramway line at very good price because of the robberies in the area, planning to resell them once the tramway has caused the prices to increase again. The unwilling mole was Harris, who was reporting his progress to the Mayor.

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Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Police Academy: Mission to Moscow

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The head of the russian mafia, Konali, has released a video game that is played worldwide. Unable to find proof and arrest him, the head of the Moscow police asks Lassard to come and help him with a team of his best men. They are set up by Konali and forced by the head of the police to leave Russia by the next airplane, but instead start chasing Konali's men, and eventually find Konali at his video game factory, where version 2 of his game, if released worldwide, would have allowed him to break into any computer system and take control of it. Konali escapes them and flees to his restaurant where Lassard, who had been separated from his team the whole time, arrests him.

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Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol

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Commandant Lassard wants to train normal citizens to become police auxilliaries, in the hope to strengthen the bond between police officers and citizens. While he's off to an international Police congress in London, Captain Harris replaces him as head of the academy. But Harris hates the idea, and does his best to discourage the new recruits. On their first assignment on the field, the Citizens On Patrol foil an undercover police job, Harris is more than happy to cancel the program. But when his aid is tricked into lets a bunch of crimninals out of the jail of the precinct, the citizens on patrol help the police catching them. The program is then considered a success by the representatives of the foreign police forces invited by Lassard to visit the academy and the city.

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Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Police Academy 3: Back in Training

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The gorvernor wants to close one of the two police academies, based on the verdict of an evaluation comity. Commandant Lassard asks Mahoney and his friends to come back and train the new recruits. Commandant Mauser (the antagonist from the previous installment), head of the other academy, tries to get Lassard to lose by sending two of his own staff to Lassard's academy. The cadets are quite hopeless, and earn many negative points to Lassard's academy. Eventually, the governor askes representative cadets of both academies to accompany him to a party at the marina, where they are attacked by gangsters disguised as waiters. Lassard's cadet manages to call Mahoney for help, the new recruits come with him to the rescue, and save the governor from kidnapping. Lassard's academy is finally kept running.

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Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment

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Captain Lassard, of the 16th precinct, cannot restore the peace in his area since the neighborhood has been taken over by a mysterious gang. The chief of police gives him 30 days to cleanup and allows him 6 new men, whom Lassard gets from his brother, the Commandant of the Police Academy. The chief also promisses Lieutenant Mauser that if Lassard fails, he would become the new Captain. The new recruits are at first causing trouble, but finally manage to arrest a large number of gangsters. Mauser gets them released under false pretenses. Lassard's brother suggest to organize a fair in the area to strenghthen the bond between the inhabitants and the police, but the fair is raided by the gangsters, Lassard is suspended and Mauser becomes the new Captain. He then suspends Mahoney, who had played several tricks on him. Lassard then convinces Mahoney to infiltrate the gang to discover their hinding place. The operation is a success and the gang is finally arrested.

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Monday, June 13th, 2011

Police Academy

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Mahoney, always causing trouble, is given a choice by the friend of his late father who promised to watch over him: either the prison, or the police academy (which has recently opened to anyone). He chooses the latter, hoping to be expelled. Lieutenant Harris, the instructor, who disapproves of allowing anyone to enter the academy, tries to get Mahoney to quit, but the latter cannot quit, otherwise he is thrown in jail. After being the source of much trouble, he is finally expelled, just before a major riot starts in town. He then joins the other cadets, saves the life of Harris (along with another cadet that Harris hates) and eventually graduates, with honors.

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Monday, August 16th, 2010

Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach

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Because of the scheming of Captain Harris, Commandant Lassare is asked to retire, since he has reached the legal age. He is however also going to be honored as the Police Officer of the Decade during a convention in Miami Beach. He is accompanied there by the usual heroes of the Police Academy series. At the airport, Lassare's bag is accidentally switched with the one, of a criminal which contains stolen diamonds. The clumsy robbers try many times to recover their loot (which is hiddent in a video camera), until they eventually take Lassare hostage during the convention. Lassare is convinced that this is a demonstration of the Miami police force (this was planned as a part of the convention), and he even helps the criminals planning their escape. Because of a plot by Harris (who wants to arrest them himself), the Police Academy heroes fail to recover Lassare and the main criminal, who escapes on a helicopter and then a boat in the Everglades. They are chased by the usual heroes and eventuallly arrested. In a medal-awarding ceremony in the end, an announcement is made that Lassare will continue to be the head of the Police Academy until he himself decides to retire.

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