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Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Champion Double Ale

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“Sir Alexander Ramsay of Dalhousie and Sir William Douglas, Knight of Liddesdale were great military leaders and both men had been brothers in arms in numerous campaigns sharing many victories and accolades. They were outstanding in a brilliant array of valiant knights that thronged the court of King David of Scotland in the 14th Century. Like these great leaders Champion Double Ale is a blend of two strong characters. A strong ale brewed in the Scottish tradition, strong, warming and malty, combined with a Porter style ale with rich roasted malt characters on a background of good hop flavour and aroma.

The two beers are brewed and fermented separately in their unique ways then blended together in a warm conditioning vessel to allow the two to mature.”

Quite strong, with a strong malty taste, maybe with a hint of chocolate (maybe). Made of malted barley.

Broughton Ales limited, Broughton Biggar, Scotland. 5.5% alcohol.

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