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Saturday, June 1st, 2024


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The civilization of Canopus colonizes the planet Shikasta and expects to keep it under its positive influence, but a cosmic event reduces that influence to almost nothing. Johor, emissary of Shikasta reports that the Giants, installed there to guide the evolution of the Natives disappear slowly under the ambiguous influence of agents of Sirius and under the negative influence of the emissaries of Shammat, the moral opposite of Canopus. The Natives themselves are less and less benevolents towards each other. Johor reports the typically miserable lives of a few individuals between World Wars 1 and 2, and History books cite the diary of a young woman telling the story of her brother George in the time leading to World War 3. Very charismatic, George organizes Youth groups that turn into Youth Armies in various parts of the world, who take care of providing refuge to children orphaned by the various conflicts that erupt everywhere. Reports by Chinese agrens indicate that at some point George is chosen to represent non-white people in a mock trial of the white people regrding the colonization of Africa and the Americas. This event seems to mark the beginning of the third World War.

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