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Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Caylus: Expansion Cards

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After some amount of thinking, I decided to remake Dan Rosewater's Guild of Thieves in a way I consider more in the spirit of the game. I also re-made his Hospital and his Trader according to my understanding of the game and in higher resolution, with a proper background text. Printing at 300 dpi should provide a card of the right size.

The Alternate Guild of Thieves

In this alternate version of the Guild of Thieves, the player can trade one or two of his prestige points for one resource or two coins, depending on the variant of the card that is used. The resource or the denier are not stolen from another player, but taken in the common pool. The idea is that theft is bad, therefore it costs one prestige point (and founding the Guild of Thieves is twice as bad, hence the negative prestige points for building it). Players can decide to use either one of the variants, or have both in the game, but once one is built, the other cannot be built anymore.

guild_of_thieves_alt1 guild_of_thieves_alt2

Here is also the source file in XCF format (Gimp's own format).

The Hospice


The Hospice is a replacement for Dan's Hospital. The design of the card is the same, but the Hospice can be used for trading one resource or two deniers for two points of prestige. In addition to Dan's design, the builder of the Hospice also gains a favour as well as the ten prestige points. The idea here is that the Hospice relies on donations, which are used for taking care of the poor, the elder, the orphans etc. Helping these people is increasing the donator's prestige.

Here is also the source file in XCF format (Gimp's own format).

The Trader


The Trader is the same as Dan's original design, but in higher resolution.

Here is also the source file in XCF format (Gimp's own format).

Card Backs


Here is a copy of the back of the cards, if you want cards that look good from the back too ;) (and the source file as well).

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