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Tuesday, June 16th, 2015


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Barrayar has been published in 1991 by Lois McMaster Bujold.

At the emperor's death, Aral Vorkosigan becomes Regent of prince Gregor. But many would like to take his place by force, or at least replace him with a more traditionalist head of state. Aral is attacked twice; the second time Cordelia is a victim as well and the antidote to the combat gas used in the attack affects he baby she is bearing. He is surgically removed and placed in a uterine replicator, and follows an experimental treatment to repair the damage made to his developing bones. Several weeks later, the head of imperial security arrives to Vorkosigan House with prince Gregor; the imperial residence has been attacked by Vordarrian's partisans, Gregor's mother Kareen has been taken hostage. Cordelia, Gregor and a few trusted men flee to the mountains to hide Gregor. Cordelia then joins her Aral in his headquarter. When she learns that the laboratory where her baby was treated was attacked and that the uterine replicator was taken hostage without anyone able to service it, she decides to lead, against Aral's will, a commando attack to the imperial residence, using Kareen's former bodyguards knowledge of secret escape routes. She manages to recover the uterne replicator, killing Vordarrian (and Kareen) in the process. This leads to the defeat of the rebellion. Some time later, Miles Vorkosigan is born, with extremely brittle bones.

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