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Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Lords and Ladies

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ISBN: 0552138916

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Fourteenth volume in the Discworld series, Lords and Ladies has been published in 1992 by Terry Pratchett.

Lancre's three witches (Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick) are back from their adventures abroad just in time to notice that young wanabe witches (including Agnes Nitt) had been dancing around a circle of stones known as “the Dancers”, which are actually guarding a weak point in the fabric of spacetime through which elves (also called the Lords and Ladies) have invaded the reality many centuries ago. The two old witches decide not to tell Magrat about it, because she thinks that elves are nice (which they are obviously not, once you get to know them). Magrat is so upset that she decides to give up sorcery. She then discovers that King Verence, her fiance, has already organised most of their coming wedding, which is set to take place on midsummer's eve. Verence has invited a party from the Unseen University, composed of Ridcully, Stibbons, the Bursar (completely nevrotic now and under heavy dried frog pills treatment) and the Librarian. On their way to Lancre, they also pick up Casanunda). The has also ordered, from a famous theater company in Ankh-Morpork, a play (which is about elves), which is going to be performed by Lancre's Morris dancers, who decide to train on the hills, near the Dancers. Soon enough, the elves manage to get through and to invade Lancre. The Queen of the elves plans to marry Verence so the people will have to accept her as queen. While Granny gets lots in the forest with Ridcully (her first and only love, but that was a very long time ago), Nanny goes with Casanunda to visit the King of the elves to tell him what his wife has been recently up to, in the hope that he would do something against it. In the meantime, Magrat is alone in the castle with Shaws Ogg, its only guard (all the guests of the wedding went to see the play, but were hypnotised by the elves, only Magrat stayed at the castle because she was upset not to have been told about the elves). There is one elf in the castle (who was in a cell but managed to escape) and Magrat is trying to escape him. She finally ends up in the armoury, where she finds the armor of queen Ynci, the only queen of Lancre who was a warrior and not spending here time waving at people and doing tapestry. Magrat wears the armor and becomes another person. She manages to fight some of the elves. Finally, all the protagonists meet near the forest, where she tries to humiliate Granny. Granny seems to die under the attack of the Queen, just before the King of the elves arrives and make all the elves vanish. Everybody wakes up, except Granny. Nanny understant soon that Granny didn't actually die but managed to “borrow” a swarm of bees (she had done it earlier with single animals, but never managed to do it with bees), so that the Queen would not find her mind. Granny finally wakes up, Verence and Magrat get married, and everything is well that ends well.

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