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Sunday, August 20th, 2017

The Shepherd's Crown

Categories: [ Books/Discworld ]

ISBN: 9780552574488

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On Granny Weatherwax's death, Tiffany Aching inherits her cottage. She starts to work both on the Chalk and in Lancre, having too little time for the people of both places. In the meanwhile, the queen of elves is kicked out of her kingdom by a rebellious faction onto the land of humans; those elves do not believe that the world is changing and that the rapidly increasing usage of iron (e.g., the railroad) makes it unhealthy for them. After Granny's death, the gates between the two worlds are easier to go through, and some elves long for the good old day when they could freely enjoy doing mischief among humans. Tiffany finds and tends to the ex-queen's wounds, and bit by bit teaches her what it means to be humane, hoping she would eventually make the elves sympathetic to the humans. Tiffany also accepts Geoffrey as an apprentice; the young man is able to calm people and make them more reasonable. He has as a pet a goat named Mephistopheles, who can count and use the privy. When the elves get ready to invade the Disc, Tiffany leads the witches of the Chalk to fight them, while Nanny leads the witches of Lancre and Geoffrey organizes the old gentlemen of the country. The elves are defeated, their queen is killed in the battle, and Tiffany somehow manages to make the passage between the two worlds much harder than it has ever been. In the end, Geoffrey receives Granny's cottage and becomes a witch of Lancre.

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