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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

A Storm of Swords – 2: Blood and Gold

Categories: [ Books/Song of Ice and Fire ]

ISBN: 9780007119554

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  • Jaime arives in King's Landing and resumes his position as captain of the King's Guard. But his father disavows hime because he's now a cripple, and Cersei, his sister and lover is keeping her distances.
  • Robb and Catelyn attend Catelyn's brother's wedding at the Frey's castle, but they are both murdered during the feast (as a revenge because of Robb not marrying the Frey girl he promised to marry). Catelyn is eventually ressucitated thanks to a priest of the God of Light who goes with the brotherhood of thieves Arya had met before. She now goes with them, seeking revenge against the Freys.
  • Arya is taken by Sandor Clegane, former bodyguard of prince Joffrey, who fled King's Landing during the attack by Stannis. They reach the Frey's castle just at the time when Robb and his mother are being murdered, and immediately flee the place. Arya finally manages to escape Clegane, and takes a ship to the North, to the Wall, to join Jon Snow.
  • Tyrion and Sansa are accused of having poisoned King Joffrey (who is therefore dead) at his wedding feast. Tyrion is made prisoner, tried and found guilty. The night before his execution, he is freed by his brother Jaime, and before leaving for good, kills his father, Lord Tywin, who had made his life miserable since he was a boy.
  • Just after the death of Joffrey, Sansa flees with the help of the former knight whose life she had saved, but the latter is actually working for Petyr Baelish. Petyr tells Sansa that it was his scheming that lead Joffrey's new bride's grandmother to poison the king while making it look like Tyrion did it. Petyr then takes Sansa to her aunt Lisa, her mother's sister. Lysa is now wed to Petyr, but she's also mad with jealousy (rightly so) since Petyr is still in love with Catelyn, and attracted to Sansa. Lysa confesses, in front of Sansa and Petyr, that she had poisoned her former husband, Joh Arryn, Hand of the late King Robert, thanks to Petyr's scheming, just before being murdered by the latter.
  • Bran and his friends are still looking for the three-eyed crow he saw in his dreams. They reached the Wall and manage to cross it thanks to a strange character riding an elk.
  • Jon Snow is back to Castle Black, and helps defend it against the wildlings who had been gathering in order to invade the Seven Kingdoms. King Stannis arrives just in time to defeat the wildlings and save the few remaining Black Brothers. Jon is offered to become Lord of Winterfell in exchange for cooperating with Stannis and converting himself to the Lord of Light. He refuses and is eventually elected Lord Commander of the Watch.

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