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Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Very Good, Jeeves

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ISBN: 9780091748333

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Published in 1930.

Jeeves and the Impending Doom Aunt Agatha has invited Bertie to her country house where he meets Mr Filmer, a very strict and important fellow. Bingo Little is there too, tutoring Agatha's son Thomas. This job is very important for Bingo who gambled and lost all the money his wife left him before travelling, and he asks Bertie to prevent Thomas to harm Filmer. But Thomas strands Filmer on an island during a rain shower, and Bertie makes a fool of himself trying to save him. They are eventually saved by Jeeves who claims this was all Bertie's fault, thus saving Bingo's position. Jeeves had learned that Agatha wanted to convince Filmer to take Bertie as his personal secretary, which saves Bertie the trouble of having to work.

The Inferiority Complex of Old Sippy Sippy is editor of The Mayfair Gazette, and in love with Gwendolen Moon who writes poems for the paper. But he's too shy to aks her, and also he's too intimidated to refuse boring articles from his former headmaster. Bertie's idea is to get the headmaster covered in flour in Sippy's office to make him laugh at his Nemesis, which in turn would give him courage to ask Gwendolen, but Jeeves quietly implements his own idea. He invites Sippy and Gwendolen at Bertie's place and smacks Sippy on the head just before Gwendolen arrives. Because of the emotion, they then declare their mutual love, which gives Sippy the energy to reject the headmaster's last paper.

Jeeves and the Yule-Tide Spirit Bertie is sent for Christmas by Aunt Agatha to Lady Wickham's, where Sir Roderick and Tuppy Glossop are also staying. Aunt Agatha hopes to get Sir Roderick to reconsider his diagnostic of lunacy on Bertie. Bertie wants to get back at Tuppy for a prank the latter played on him recently. On Roberta's idea, Layd Wickham's daughter's with whom Bertie is in love, Bertie is to enter Tuppy's room by night and puncture his hot water bottle. But Tuppy and his uncle Roderick had swapped rooms and Bertie is caught by the loony doctor who goes to Bertie's room for the rest of the night. But Roberta had given the same idea to Tuppy, who punctures his uncle's bottle thinking it was Bertie's. Jeeves had also learned that Agatha was hoping Sir Roderick would reconsider his opinion on Bertie and that he could get engaged to Honoria Glossop, Sir Roderick's daughter.

Jeeves and the Song of Songs Tuppy, more or less engaged to Bertie's cousin Angela, is in love with an opera singer, Cora Bellinger. To impress her, he wants to sing “Sonny Boy” at a concert where she is also to sing. But Angela's mother, Aunt Dahlia, wants the scheme to fail. Jeeves then induces Bertie to sing “Sonny Boy” before Tuppy. Since other people had already sung the same song before, the audience is pretty annoyed and Tuppy is thrown vegetables at. Jeeves then tells Cora Bellinger, who arrived late, that Tuppy wants her to sing the same song as well, and she is booed as well, ending their relationship.

Episode of the Dog McIntosh Aunt Agatha left her dog McIntosh with Bertie while she was away. Roberta Wickham then pops in and invites at Bertie's place an american theatre producer and his son (who actually decides which plays are good) because she wants to sell him a play by her mother. While Bertie is away (he had met the son in New York and doesn't want to see him again), Roberta gives McIntosh to the son to convince him to accept the play. Bertie manages to get the dog back but he is noticed, and when the the producer comes to his flat to reclaim the dog, Jeeves gives him another specimen of the same breed.

The Spot of Art Bertie is in love with Gwladis Pendlebury, a painter who had drawn Bertie's portrait. When she runs over Pim, her other admirer and breaks his leg, the latter ends up in Bertie's guest bedroom with doctor's orders not to move. Pim telegraphs his sister who is to arrive soon, but in order to sweeten her (Pim has claimed Bertie had run him over, since his sister wouldn't approve of Gwlady if she knew she did it) he advises to send her roses. But this makes her husband, an american soup magnate, very jealous, and forces Bertie to flee to France for a couple of weeks. When he comes back, his portrait is all over the city for a soup advertisement.

Jeeves and the Kid Clementina Bertie invites Roberta Wickham to dinner, but she brings her 13-year old cousin Clementina with her, since it's her birthday. She then leaves to Bertie the task to take her back to her shcool, from which she's away without leave. She gives instructions to Bertie as how to make a diversion that would allow Clementina to go in unnoticed. Bertie is caught by a policeman, but Jeeves manages to let Clementina in through the back door and to convince the headmistress (a friend of Aunt Agatha's met in Bertie Changes his mind) that he was actually chasing a marauder.

The Love that Purifies Bertie is at Brinkley Court with his Aunt Dahlia. Mr Ansruther, an elderly guest, is counting points to decide which one of the two cousins Thomas (Agatha's son) or Bonzo (Dahlia's son) will behave the best and win a five-pound prize. The Snettisham, the other guests, have taken bets on Thomas and are trying to induce Bonzo to behave badly. Bertie is given the task to subvert Thomas because Dahlia wants her son to win. The two kids are refusing bribes because they are in love with Holywood actors and want to behave best in their honor. Jeeves then invites Sippy's son, who admires another actress and speaks ill of Thomas' love, inducing him in behaving badly.

Jeeves and the Old School Chum Bingo's wife Rosie has invited Laura Pyke an old school friend whom she admired very much. Laura is convincing Rosie that they should stop eating like pigs and concentrate on vitamins and vegetables amd so on. While at a picnic at a horse race ground, Jeeves removes the sandwich basket from Bingo's car. Rosie and Laura jump luncheon without trouble, and want to go home for tea. While Bertie is driving them back (Bingo and Jeeves stay a bit longer) the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and hungry Rosie starts thinking that Laura's ideas are not that good). Bingo then arrives and “repairs” the car (Jeeves had simply emptied the petrol tank) and becomes Rosie's hero again.

Indian Summer of an Uncle Bertie's Uncle George wants to marry a waitress. George already wanted to marry a barmaid years ago, and Agatha had managed to buy her off. She wants Bertie to do the same with the young waitress. But the waitress' aunt happens to be the old barmaid, and Jeeves invites them both at Bertie's place, and they finally are engaged to get marrie. Since the woman is of the same age as Agatha and she doesn't know who she is, she doesn't object.

The Ordeal of Young Tuppy Tuppy Glossop is again in love, this time with a dog enthousiast. To impress her, he wants to play in the yearly rugby football game where the village and the neighbour village players fight very hard. He manages to survive the game, but discovers that the girl had been lured to London by Jeeves who has made her belive she could there acquire the irish water-spaniel she is longing for, and hadn't seen the game at all. Tuppy then decides this kind of girl is not for him.

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