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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008


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HP ships a trial version of MS Office with Windows Vista Home Basic. If you want a full version, you have to purchase a full licence. The licence comes in a cardboard box (33×22×3.4 cm) sealed with a this-is-a-seal sticker. In the box is a bubble envelope (27.5×20×0.8 cm), sealed with a if-you-open-this-you-accept-the-licence sticker. In the envelope is a cardboard leaflet (19×12.5×0.2 cm) folded in three so as to form a small pouch, sealed with a holographic this-is-an-original-product sticker. In the pouch is a plastic card (8.5×5.4×0.1 cm). On the card is a sticker (4.4x1.5 cm), on which the registration code is printed (25 character in 5 pt font, a Data Matrix and some extra text). The whole package weighs 140 g.

Pirated registration codes can probably be found online, with no extra packaging.

Conclusion: pirated software is more ecological.

Additionally, free software is ecological and legal.

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