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Thursday, June 20th, 2024


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After having drifted in space for 57 years, Ripley is rescued. Her employer accuses her of destroying the Nostromo and does not believe her story about the alien, since the planet is now being colonized and terraformed and no alien ship has been found. When contact is lost with the colony, she is asked to accompany Burke, a representative of the company, and group of colonial marines to investigate. They find the colony destroyed, two alive face-huggers in vats in a laboratory and one little girl called Newt. They locate the other colonists under the fusion-powered atmospheric processor, cocooned in a sort of nest with many eggs, where some of them are still alive and waiting to be taken by face-huggers. They are attacked by several adult aliens when trying to kill a juvenile that just hatched, and some of the marines get killed. They decide to evacuate with the dropship that took them to the surface, but an alien who had climbed aboard causes it to crash; in doing so it damages the fusion reactor which will explode and destroy the colony after a few hours. The survivors barricade themselves in the colony and wait until Bishop, an artificial man and technician with the marines, is able to got outside, reach and hack the colony's transmitter to remotely pilot the second dropship from the spaceship waiting in orbit. Ripley discovers that Burke asked the colony to investigate the alien ship on in the hope to profit from turning the aliens into a biological weapon. Before she can expose him, he attempts to get her and Newt impregnated by the two face-huggers from the lab, that would allow him to smuggle the alien back to Earth. Having failed, Burke flees and is taken by the aliens that attack and kill most of the remaining marines. Ripley, corporal Hicks and Newt try to reach the dropship that is on its way, but Newt is taken by the aliens and Hicks is severely wounded. Ripley arms herself and enters the nest under the fusion reactor where she angers the alien queen laying eggs. She manages to save Newt and escape as the reactor explodes, destroying the aliens' nest, but the queen stows away on the dropship. Ripley manages to push her into an airlock by using an exosuit cargo loader. Then they all go into stasis for their return trip to Earth.

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