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Tuesday, June 13th, 2023

No Time to Die

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After Blofeld's arrest, Bond and Madeleine Swann travel to Italy where he wants to visit Vesper's grave. He is attacked by Spectre and concludes that Madeleine told them where they were. He therefore rejects her and retires in Jamaica until Leiter asks for his help in retrieving Heracles, a contagious nanobot-based poison developed by MI6 and stolen by its main scientist, Obruchev. Bond is contacted by Nomi, his successor as 007, but refuses to work for M. At a Spectre party in Cuba where Obruchev has been located, Bond is caught and expects to die, but instead all members of Spectre die from poisoning with Heracles (it is programmed with DNA and affects only its targets). Leiter is then betrayed by his colleague from the State Department and killed, Bond escapes. He goes back to MI6 and wants to interrogate Blofeld who was remotely overseeing the party in Cuba. He meets Swann, Blofeld's psychologist, who has been coerced by Safin (the man who, when she was a child, killed her mother in revenge for her father having killed his family) into infecting herself with Heracles to kill Blofeld. The latter confesses that Swann had nothing to do with the attack at Vesper's grave, and then dies from Heracles. Bond then tracks Swann to her childhood home in Norway where he meets her daughter Mathilde, and learns that Safin owns an island in the Sea of Japan. They are then attacked by Safin's men, and during a chase through the forest, Safin abducts Swann and her daughter. Bond and Nomi then infiltrate Safin's island and discover it holds a nanobot factory. They free Swann and her daughter and Nomi takes them off the island. Bond then orders a missile strike on the island, but while fighting Safin he is infected with an Heracles targeted at Madeleine and Mathilde. Knowing that he would cause their death, he decides to stay on the island and die when the missiles destroy the facility.

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