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Sunday, October 28th, 2012


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In Turkey, while chasing a mercenary who has stolen a hard-disk drive with a list of NATO agents, Bond is nearly killed by friendly fire (on M.'s order) and believed dead. Learning that M.I.6 headquarters has been the target of an attack, Bond returns, and despite failling his atptitude test, M. sends him back into the field to track the man who stole the data and find his employer. Bond kills the man before having any information out of him, but finds a clue that leads him to a casino in Macau. There he meets a girl who promised to lead him to the killer's employer, on the condition Bond frees her from him. The employer is Raoul Silva, a former British agent turned rogue, who seeks revenge on M., whom he blames for his capture and being tortured on his last assignment. Bond eventually captures Silva and takes him to M.I.6. backup headquarters, while M. is summoned to answer for the loss of the list of agents in front of a committee. Silva's capture was actually planned all along, and he escapes through the Underground network. Disguised as a policeman, he tries to kill M. in the audience room, but Bond arrives just in time to save her. He takes her to a safe place in Scotland, the Skyfall manor where Bond had grown up before his parent's death. Helped by the old housekeeper, they prepare to receive Silva's men. The manor is destroyed in the process, and M. is wounded. Bond eventually kills Silva before he kills M., but she dies soon after.

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Watched it again.

Comment #1, Matthieu Weber (Finland), June 6th, 2018 at 22:59

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