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Monday, August 16th, 2010

Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach

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Because of the scheming of Captain Harris, Commandant Lassare is asked to retire, since he has reached the legal age. He is however also going to be honored as the Police Officer of the Decade during a convention in Miami Beach. He is accompanied there by the usual heroes of the Police Academy series. At the airport, Lassare's bag is accidentally switched with the one, of a criminal which contains stolen diamonds. The clumsy robbers try many times to recover their loot (which is hiddent in a video camera), until they eventually take Lassare hostage during the convention. Lassare is convinced that this is a demonstration of the Miami police force (this was planned as a part of the convention), and he even helps the criminals planning their escape. Because of a plot by Harris (who wants to arrest them himself), the Police Academy heroes fail to recover Lassare and the main criminal, who escapes on a helicopter and then a boat in the Everglades. They are chased by the usual heroes and eventuallly arrested. In a medal-awarding ceremony in the end, an announcement is made that Lassare will continue to be the head of the Police Academy until he himself decides to retire.

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