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Sunday, June 1st, 2014

Police Academy 6: City under Siege

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Harris cannot stop the wave of robberies in his precinct; he then gets help from Lassard and his best men. They soon undertand that there is a mole among them, telling the robbers about all their moves. After loosing a priceless diamond, used as bait, they are dismissed and continue investigatin on their own. They find out that the robbers are obeying the orders of a mysterious man, and that all the robberies are taking place along the path of the future tramway. After a long chase, they eventually find out that the mysterious head of the gang is no other than the mayor, who had been buying property along the future tramway line at very good price because of the robberies in the area, planning to resell them once the tramway has caused the prices to increase again. The unwilling mole was Harris, who was reporting his progress to the Mayor.

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