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Saturday, September 13th, 2014

Despicable Me

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Gru is a super-villain who plans to steal the moon. For that purpose, he needs the shrinking ray that his opponent, Vector, stole from him. His attempts to enter Vector's fortress fail until he notices three little orphan girls selling cookies whom Vector invites in. Gru then adopts the three girls and uses them to introduce himself into Vector's house and steal back the shrinking ray. He then builds the rocket that will take him to the moon, but gets distracted by the three girls whom he slowly grows fond of; his associated mad scientist forces him to return the girls to the orphanage. He then flies to the moon, reduces it and steals it, and darts back to Earth in the hope of arriving in time for the girl's ballet recital. But the girls have been kidnapped by Vector who wants to exchange them for the Moon. The latter takes the moon but flies away with the girls. Gru chases them, noticing that the Moon is growing quickly back to its original size, eventually shooting back into its orbit, taking Vector with it. In the end, Gru definitely adopts the girls.

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