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Sunday, June 5th, 2016

I, Robot

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In a future world where humanoid robots are ubiquitous, Detective Spooner is the only man distrusting them. Spooner is requested to investigate the apparent suicide of Lanning, a roboticist, at the invitation of the deceased himself. Spooner soon discovers Sonny, a robot that does not respect the Three Laws, and is repeatedly attacked by robots; he is discredited by his superiors for insisting on this obviously impossibility. Spooner then realizes that Lanning was virtually prisoner of VIKI, his employer's central AI computer, and his suicide (assisted by Sonny) was the first clue left for Spooner to find in order to discover that VIKI had decided that to protect humanity from coming to harm, humans must be kept prisoner by robots. Sponner manages to destroy VIKI soon after it has reprogrammed all the robots to take humans prisoner, thus restoring the peace.

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