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Monday, December 18th, 2023

In Bruges

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After accidentally killing a child, Rookie hitman Ray is sent to Bruges with his mentor Ken to hide while waiting for instructions from their boss Harry. The latter orders Ken to kill Ray, as he cannot condone hitmen killing children. Ken is about to reluctantly carry the order, but instead prevents Ray from committing suicide and puts him on a train, telling him to disappear. When Ken tells Harry, the latter comes to Bruges to deal punish Ken. Meanwhile Ray is arrested by the police on the train for having hit a customer at the restaurant where he was having dinner with Chloë, a local drug dealer he had met a few days earlier while assisting to the filming of a film on the street. Chloë bails Ray out of prison and as they have a drink outside a café they are noticed by Chloë's ex-boyfriend, an accomplice of Harry who immediately notifies his boss. The latter happens to be at the top of the belfry tower near the café. Harry shoots Ken in the leg as a punishment, but Ken gets more seriously wounded as he attempts to stop Harry from going after Ray. As Harry runs down the stairs, Ken goes up and jumps from the tower. He is noticed by Ray and manages to tell him about Harry before dying. Ray runs away, chased throughout the city by Harry who eventually shoots him on a square where the same film is being filmed. Harry accidentally kills a dwarf, playing the role of a child in the film. Believing he has killed a child, he kills himself.

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