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Thursday, July 13th, 2023

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

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In 1944, Indiana Jones and his friend Basil Shaw recover one half of the Antikythera mechanism, built by Archimedes, from Voller, a Nazi astrophysicist who takes part in the looting of a castle in the French Alps. In 1969 in New York City, Indy is old, depressed, and retires from his work at the university; Marion is going to divorce him and his son Mutt died in the Vietnam war. He is contacted by Shaw's daughter Helena who wants to recover the Antikythera. She tells Indy that her late father believed that the mechanism was built to locate a fracture is space-time that would allow to travel back in time. Helena, in debt, just wants to to sell it. They are chased by Voller's men, assisted by the CIA (as Voller played an important role in the Apollo project), but manage to escape through the parade celebrating the Moon landing. Indy, suspected of the murders committed by Voller's men, chases Helena to Tangiers where he prevents the sale of the mechanism in an auction. Accompanied by Helena's young friend Teddy, they escape on a tuk-tuk and are chased by both Voller's men and Helena's former fiancé, a gangster. Voller, disavowed after going rogue, is apprehended by the CIA, but manages to escape. Indy and his friends follow Voller to Greece, where, with the help of a friend, they dive in the Aegean Sea to the second half of the wreck where the mechanism was first found, located much deeper, in order to recover a graphikos that contains coded indications as to the location of the other half of the mechanism. Voller's gang catches up with them again, but they again manage to escape and go to Archimedes' tomb in Sicily, as indicated by the graphikos. Inside a labyrinthine cavern, Indy and Helena find the tomb and the second half of the dial, and notice that Archimedes' skeleton wears a modern wristwatch. Voller appears, wounds and captures Indy. His plan is to travel back to Munich in 1939 to kill Hitler and take his place. They fly away on a WWII German bomber. Helena, who has followed them manages to stow away in the landing gear, and Teddy follows them on a small airplane. They go through the time fissure and arrive at the Siege of Syracuse in 212 BC. Voller's plane is shot down, Indy and Helena manage to jump with a parachute. They meet Archimedes (who has taken the wristwatch from Voller's body) and Indy says he wants to stay here and now to see History happening. Helena knocks him out and takes him back to the present, where he reconciles with Marion.

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