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Tuesday, August 8th, 2023

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

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Mr. Peabody is a talking, very intelligent dog who has adopted a boy, Sherman. Together they travel in time for fun in a machine invented by Peabody named WABAC. When Sherman starts school, he is soon bullied by Penny because his father is a dog. A fight ensues, after which social services, in the person of Mrs. Grunion threaten to take Sherman away from his father. Peabody invites Penny's parents in an attempt to convince them to withdraw their complaint, but Sherman is teased by Penny about George Washington and the cherry tree, reveals the existence of WABAC and takes her to ancient Egypt. Sherman comes back alone and asks Peabody for help, as Penny has stayed behind and wants to marry Tutankhamun. Father and son travel back to Egypt and convince Penny to come back with them. As they are out of fuel, they stop in Florence to visit Leonardo da Vinci who helps them build a device that will jump-start WABAC. During their stay, Sherman and Penny bond. On their way back, Sherman learns that he risks being taken away from his father, they argue, and accidentally arrive during the Trojan war. They have an accident with the horse, Peabody is presumed dead and the two children go back to the present, a few minutes before they have left, to ask help from the earlier Peabody. Grunion arrives soon after and wants to take Sherman away and the Peabody that was thought dead suddenly appears (having built another WABAC in Troy). This causes a confusion in which Sherman touches his earlier self, the tow boys merge which creates a cosmic shockwave that causes the various pasts they have visited to pour into the present. More confusion ensues, at the end of which Grunion's attempt to take Sherman is opposed by Washington and all the other historical characters. Peabody and Sherman then travel a few minutes in the future to repair the rip in spacetime and all historical characters return to their time, Agamemnon taking Grunion with him. Sherman returns to school and is now friends with Penny. In Troy, Agamemnon marries Grunion.

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