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Saturday, October 12th, 2013

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

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The four children are back in Narnia, drawn there by young Prince Caspian who has sounded a horn (belonging to Susan, it had stayed behind when the fourn children had left Narnia, 1300 years ago). Caspian is chased by his uncle Miraz's men; being the last obstacle on Miraz's path to the throne. Caspian meets the Narnians, hiding in the forest after having been almost exterminated when Caspian's ancestors (the Telmarines) had invaded Narnia. Soon the four children meet the Narnians and Caspian and organize a revolt against Miraz, helped by an army of Narnians. Their first attempt at taking the castle fails and causes the loss of many. They then fall back in an underground temple, soon under siege by Miraz's troops. While Lucy escapes in the hope to find Aslan she had seen several times in visions and dreams, Peter challenges Miraz to a duel for the throne, buying Lucy time. Peter wins and spares Miraz's life; but one of the latter's followers kills him and blames the Narnians for having cheated, causing the troops to attack. Aslan arrives in the nick of time and saves the Narnians. He later offers whoever wants to go back to Earth (which is where the Telmarines came from originally). The four children take the opportunity to leave Narnia again.

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