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Saturday, February 10th, 2018

Pride and Prejudice

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Mrs Bennet's sole concern is to marry her five daughters before her husband dies and their farm becomes the property of Mr Bennet's cousin. At a ball, Jane falls in love with a visiting noble, Mr Bingley, while Elizabeth is attracted to the very rich but dry Mr Darcy, Bingley's friend. When Bingley suddenly moves back to London, Elizabeth learns that Darcy has advised his friend to break up with Jane, as she seemed to be interested only by his money. Darcy then tells Elizabeth he loves her, but she accuses him of making Jane's life miserable because he misinterpreted her shyness as a lack of feelings. Soon after, Lydia elopes with a young lieutenant, and all hopes seem lost for the family as this act would all disgrace them. But the lieutenant marries Lydia for a very small dowry, and Elizabeth learns that Darcy had paid a large sum for the marriage to happen. Then Darcy and Bingley come back to the farm, and Bingley, after a false start, asks Jane to marry him. Darcy follows suit and asks Elizabeth to marry him too.

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