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Sunday, February 14th, 2010


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Rodney, a young robot and an inventor, lives in a small town and dreams of meeting Bigweld, the founder of the company that produces replacement parts for all the robots and who welcomes all inventors. But when Rodney finally arrives in RobotCity, he discovers that Bigweld has disappeared and that the company, under the lead of Ratchet, is changing its policy, discontinuing replacement parts for far more expensive upgrades that most robots cannot afford. Ratchet's goal is to harvest on the street old robots who cannot afford upgrades and turn them into cheap-to-get scrap metal for his mother's Chop Shop. Rodney then takes on repairing old robots with what is available in the low city. He also convinces his friends to try and find out what happened to Bigweld. At Bigweld's yearly bal, where they had hoped to meet him, they only attract Ratchet's attention and barely escape alive. But Rodney finds help in one of the company's executives, Cappy, who doesn't like Ratchet's style. Together they go and explore Bigweld's house, who seems to have retired, because he's been told by Ratchet that his management style is outdated. But Bigweld eventually changes his mind and helps Rodney and his friends to stop Ratchet's plans, and restores the production of replacement parts.

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