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Sunday, December 9th, 2012


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To win the love of Victoria, he promises to bring back a falling star that has fallen on the side of the wall, in the land of the faeries. His father then reveals to Tristan that his mother, slave to a witch, lives beyond the wall. He gives Tristan a magic candle that can take him any place he wishes for. Tristan wishes to be taken to his mother, but his mind wanders and finds himself near the fallen star, who happens to be a young woman named Yvaine. He takes her by force with him back to his village, but she manages to escape during the journey, seeking refuge at an inn which happens to be a trap set by the witch Lamia, who wants to use Yvaine's heart as a means for rejuvenation. The other stars warn Tristan that Yvaine is in danger, and he manages to save her in the nick of time, using the last of his magic candle. Both of them wishing for “home”, they end up in the air, where they are captured by the kind-hearted captain of an airship. He then takes them near the faerie village that lies by the wall, and Tristan, taking a lock of hair from Yvaine, runs to show Victoria that he has fullfilled his promise, but that he also has fallen in love with Yvaine and therefore won't marry her. Tristan also dicovers that Yvaine would not be able to live in the world of humans and rushes back to the other side of the wall. There, Yvaine has accidentally befriended Tristan's mother, before both are made prisoner by Lamia and taken to her castle where her two sisters wait for the fallen star. Tristan follows Lamia, battles the three witches and kills them. He also learns that his mother is the princess Una of the kingdom of Stormhold, and that he is the last male heir. Tristan and Yvaine therefore get married and become the new rulers of the kingdom.

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