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Wednesday, June 13th, 2012


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In a near future, most people stay home and send surrogates (humanoid robots) outside to interact with other people, work, etc. It is supposed to be perefctly safe, but the son of Canter, the inventor of the surrogates, gets killed through his surrogate, despite the failsafes. FBI agent Tom Greer investigates, and manages to track the killer to a reservation where the few people who refuse to use surrogates live, led by a kind of prophet preaching revolution. Greer's surrogate is destroyed, and he is suspended. Greer decides to continue investigating, going out by himself, and discovers that the weapon is virus-based, had been made by the company making the surrogates for the army, but the project had been cancelled since it also injured the robot's operator. Greer also finds out that the killer was payed by his boss, and that the real target was Canter. During an army raid to the reservation in order to recover the weapon, the prophet is found to actually be a surrogate, controlled by Canter. The latter's goal is to kill all the people using surrogates using the hijacked surrogate of Greer's partner, through the FBI's not-so-legal network that allows to tap into anyone's surrogates. Greer prevents the virus from uploading to all surrogates, but uses the system to disable definitely all the robots.

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