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Sunday, October 29th, 2023


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The Protagonist, a CIA agent who retrieved an artefact during an operation in Kyiv is hired by Tenet. The organization briefs him on objects (such as bullets) who move backwards through time. With his handler Neil, he traces the source of those objects to an arms dealer, Priya Singh, in Mumbai. Priya is also a member of Tenet and obtains the inverted bullets from Russian oligarch Andrei Sator who can communicate with the future. Sator's estranged wife Kat is an art appraiser who authenticated a forged Goya by her friend Arepo. Sator uses the painting to blackmail his wife. The Protagonist buys Kat's help by trying to recover the Goya from a freeport facility at Oslo airport, but the attempt is thwarted by two masked men who emerge from either side of a machine. Priya later explains the machine is a turnstile, used for inverting: the two people were the same person traveling in opposite directions in time. She also explains that Sator sabotaged the CIA operation in Kyiv and that the police got the artifact, which is Pu-241. Kat introduces the Protagonist to her husband and both agree to cooperate to recover the artefact in Tallinn while it is transported by road, but an inverted Sator holding Kat hostage attempts steals it from them. The Protagonist hides the artefact and is captured with Neil by Sator who interrogates them at a freeport facility and shoots Kat with an inverted bullet. Tenet troops arrive but Sator escapes via a turnstile. They all invert themselves to save Kat's life, and the inverted Protagonist drives back to the ambush to retrieve the artefact, but encounters Sator who takes it. The Protagonist and his gang then travels back in time to the freeport in Oslo, fights his past self, enter the turnstile with Neil and Kat and all get de-inverted. He then meets Priya who reveals that Sator know has all nine pieces of the Algorithm, a device designed by antagonists from the future to invert the world and destroy its past. The Protagonist remembers a past conversation and realizes that Sator will detonate the Algorithm in his hometown of Stalsk-12 on a past day, in order to deliver it to the antagonists of the future. On a Tenet ship traveling back to the day of the detonation, Kat reveals that Sator is sick and dying. He will go back to a happy moment in his life, on the same day, on his yacht in Vietnam, and commit suicide, his death triggering the detonation. Kat poses as her former self and prevents Sator from killing himself long enough for two Tenet commandos, one going forward in time and one backwards, to make a diversion, allowing the Protagonist to steal the Algorithm. He is trapped by Sator's man who puts him in contact with Sator from Vietnam. Sator reveals the antagonists want to escape the effects of climate change. An inverted Neil then sacrifices himself, allowing the Protagonist to recover the Algorithm. Not-yet-dead Neil reveals he was hired by the future Protagonist and then goes and gets inverted to help recover the Algorithm. Later Priya plans to kill Kat, because she knows too much. The Protagonist realizes he created Tenet and kills Priya first.

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