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Monday, October 7th, 2013

The Detective

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The bishop sends Father Brown to carry a antique cross to Rome, but is warned by Scotland Yard that the famous antique thief known as Flambeau will attempt to steal the cross. In Paris, the priest identifies the thief and attempts to make him give up stealing and become an honest man; Flambeau however steals the cross and disappears. Father Brown attempts to bait him by putting an antique chess set (belonging to Lady Warren, one of his parishoners) to the auction; flambeau bites and steals the set, but returns it to its owner, a beautiful widow, and escapes the police with her and the priest's help. Flambeau still refuses to give up stealing antiques, but Father Brown gathers enough information (the crest on Flambeau's cigarette case) to track him to his castle in Burgundy with the help of an old heraldist and the owner of a Café in Paris. He discovers the secret room hidden behind the kitchen's fireplace where Flambeau has collected the product of all his robberies. Again, he helps Flambeau to escape the police; the collection is however taken and exposed in the Louvre. Seeing that his collection can now be admired by everyone in the museum, Flambeau returns to England and joins Lady Warren in Father Brown's church.

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