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Sunday, March 9th, 2014

The Smurfs

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During a blue moon night, a few smurfs and Gargamel travel through a vortex to modern New York. The smurfs meet Patrick, a marketing agent for a cosmetic company, and his wife Grace. To go back to their village, they need to find when a new blue moon is possible by reading the stars, find the correct spell and execute it. The find a star gazer in a toy shop (where they wreak havoc), but must fight Gargamel who is still trying to catch them. In an antique shop, they find the spell in a book about Smurfs, but are caught up by Gargamel who captures Papa Smurf. They are supposed to flee, but thanks to the spell, they manage to bring all the smurfs to New York, attack Gargamen's lair and free Papa Smurf. They all go back to their village.

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