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Monday, January 29th, 2024

Touch of Evil

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Mexican special prosecutor Miguel Vargas takes an interest in the investigation of a murder that has just happened in a town along the US-Mexican border where he is honeymooning with his American wife Susie. The investigation is led by veteran police captain Hank Quinlan who, Vargas quickly comes to notice, fabricates evidence to justify arresting people he believes are guilty. Joe Grandi, leader of the crime family Vargas has been investigating, associates with Quinlan against Vargas. He sends his boys to the isolated and empty motel where Susie is waiting for her husband, where they leave traces of drug use before kidnapping her and taking her into town. Quinlan then kills Grandi and leaves his body in the hotel room where Susie is kept prisoner, but forgets his cane. In the meanwhile, Vargas studies old arrest reports from Quinlan to find evidence of the policeman's unethical methods. After Grandi's body is found by the police and Susie put in prison for drug usage, Quinlan's sergeant Menzies tells Vargas of what happened and his suspicions that his superior killed Grandi. Together they come up with the plan to get Quinlan to confess while being secretly recorded. The plan works but leads to Quinlan and Menzies killing each other. Susie is exonerated, and it is revealed that the suspect of the initial murder has confessed to the crime.

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