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Sunday, April 14th, 2024


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Trolls are small colorful, happy creatures who like to sing, dance and hug all day. When the much larger Bergens discover that eating trolls makes them happy, they build a cage around the trolls' tree and eat them once a year. But on the Trollstice day when prince Gristle is meant to eat his first troll, they discover that they have escaped. The Bergens' Chef is banished and she vows to find them. After 20 years of peace, princess Poppy organizes a party, despite Branch's (the only grey and perpetually unhappy troll) warning that the noise may be noticed by the Bergens. It indeed happens, some trolls are kidnapped by Chef. Poppy decides to follow her and rescue her friends, followed in the distance by Branch. At Gristle's castle they witness the prince apparently eat one troll, Creek. They then find the other trolls guarded by a scullery maid, Bridget. She is in love with the prince, and accepts to free the trolls in exchange for their help in being noticed by the prince. Under a false name, Bridget and the prince indeed go on a date at a roller rink/arcade restaurant, and Poppy discovers that Creek is a prisoner of the prince, inside a hollow jewel. During the night, the trolls sneak into the prince's bedroom to free Creek but they are captured by Chef in a big cooking pot. She reveals that Creek has betrayed them to save his own life. Desperate, all trolls turn grey as Creek steals Poppy's cowbell and rings it to attract all the other trolls. While the Bergens sit down to eat and celebrate Trollstice, Branch sings and turns himself and the others to bright colors again. Bridget secretly releases the trolls and Poppy reveals to the prince who Bridget is. This makes the prince happy despite not having ever eaten a troll. The Bergens realize they don't need the trolls to be happy and joy and colors are brought to Bergen town. Chef and Creek are sent rolling out of town and into the woods on a cart and get eventually eaten by a monster.

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