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Sunday, October 7th, 2007

Dice Tower Glued

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After a lot of sanding, I finally glued the pieces together, and it's not even very much crooked. Sanding surfaces so that they are flat enough to be glued is not an easy task, but thanks to two new techniques I invented (or rediscovered), it was a bit easier. I first tried cocoametry, where you brush cocoa on the surface, then scrape it with a straight tool, and look at the mess: where all the cocoa has been scraped there is a hill, and where there is still cocoa, there is a valley. You just need to sand the hills a bit more. The second technique is pencilometry, where you apply with a pencil a lot of graphite on both surfaces you want to glue, and then thrust the two surfaces together. Where the graphite concentrates, there are hills that you need to sand.

dice_tower_assembled_1 dice_tower_assembled_2 dice_tower_assembled_3 dice_tower_assembled_4 dice_tower_assembled_5

Now I “just” need to put some wall around the core. Either cardboard (but that's going to be ugly I think) or transparent plastic (but much less easy to work with).

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