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Monday, June 30th, 2008

The Fifth Element

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Every five thousand years, Evil comes back to Earth in an attempt to destroy it. It is usually repelled by the ultimate weapon, stored in Egypt and made of the four basic elements (earth, water, wind and fire) plus the fifth element. In 1914, the ultimate weapon is taken away from Egypt by the Mondoshawans to be put in a safer place, and would be returned on time to face Evil. But on its way back to Earth in 2263, the spaceship is attacked by Mangalore mercenaries, the four elements are stolen and the fifth is destroyed. Thankfully, a single cell is found and the fifth element is reconstructed, taking the shape of a woman called Leeloo. She escapes from the military and meets Korben Dallas, a taxi driver who used to be an elite commando. Dallas takes her to a priest, member of a secret order who has guarded the ultimate weapon over the millenia. Leeloo reveals that the four elements were not in the destroyed ship, but are with an opera singer, on a luxury cruise ship on planet Fhloston Paradise. The army riggs a contest the grand prize of which is a trip to Fhloston Paradisein order to send Dallas there to retrieve the elements. He goes with Leeloo and the priest. They manage to recover the elements, while the ship is destroyed first by Mangalores sent by Zorg, the emissary of Evil, and then by Zorg himself. The heroes manage to get to Egypt just in time to activate the ultimate weapon and save Earth.

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